Apricot Tart with Almond Frangipane

Apricot Tart with Almond Frangipane

Apricot Tart with Almond Frangipane

This apricot tart made with fruit almonds, sugar and pastry is from my armoury of “go to” easy puddings.  I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love it, and even better can be whipped up in 15 minutes mainly from stuff you already have in your cupboards.    The sharpness of the apricots combines brilliantly with the crunchy pastry, and sweet richness of the frangipane paste.Apricot Tart with Almond Frangipane


  • 1 packet of puff pastry *
  • 1 tin apricot halves (in juice not syrup)
  • Handful of flaked almonds
  • Dusting of icing sugar

  Almond mix (Frangipane):

  • Softened butter 125g
  • Caster sugar 125g
  • Ground almonds 125g
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp plain flour

Feel free to make your own puff pasty, but I suspect if you are the kind of person to make your own puff pastry, you aren’t likely to be reading my blog.


Individual apricot tarts work really well, but they require slightly more pastry per portion.  One long tart looks great, and allows you to vary the size of slices as you serve.  I did however use the pastry scraps to make two little canapé sized tarts.

First roll out your pastry, before cuting a thin rim around the edge (but not all the way through) to make a crust. Bake the tart case blind for 10-15 mins at 180 degrees, removing before the pastry starts to brown.

While the pastry is cooking, whizz together the frangipane mix in a bowl.  The consistency can be affected by the size of the egg, so add a couple of handfuls of plain flour if needed.  You want the mix to be spreadable not runny. Apricot Tart with Almond FrangipaneSpread this mix over the cooled pastry cases, and top with the apricot halves and a sprinkle of flaked almonds. Apricot Tart with Almond FrangipaneReturn to the oven and cook for another 15-20 minutes until the frangipane is cooked.  Sprinkle liberally with icing sugar before serving, this pudding is equally delicious warm straight from the oven, room temperate or chilled.  Apricot Tart with Almond FrangipaneWondering what happened to the two little tarts?  Breakfast for me the next morning.  Don’t judge!Apricot Tart with Almond Frangipane

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