Chalkboard Photo Booth Sign

Chalkboard Photo Booth Sign

Chalkboard Photo Booth Sign

If you are planning a photo booth, them you will need a sign to publicise it to your party guests. I made this chalkboard photo booth sign for ours.Chalkboard Photo Booth SignIf you’ve been visiting this blog recently, you will know I am on a mission to decorate my sons Year 6 graduation party.  As part of the party, I’m planning a DIY Photo Booth.  I have the smallest budget possible (nil).

I reused the back of an old ikea picture frame. Painted with blackboard paint, and chalk markers ahoy….its a chalkboard photo booth sign! Much easier than trying to write will real chalk.  Draw in pencil first until you are happy if needed.

I will rub chalk dust on the board to make it look more blackboardy…but not until the day, as I don’t want all the chalk dust in my house.Chalkboard Photo Booth SignThe sign was posted at the front of the party.  I secured it to the walls of the school using removable foam fixing pads.

The Photo booth was a huge success.  To tell the kids what to do, I also made a digital photo booth instruction sign inside the photo booth room:Chalkboard Photo Booth Sign

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