Neon Printable Envelope Diy

Neon Printable Envelope Diy

Neon Printable Envelope Diy

More neon loveliness in the form of a neon printable envelope diy.  Simply download, print, cut and fold.   These are for invitations my sons leavers/graduation  party is in a few weeks, and another excuse for me to get crafting.Neon Printable Envelope DiyTo actually make the invites and envelopes didn’t take that long (a nice evening watching The Apprentice).  In fact I spent much more time trying to figure our how to make a template for a DL sized envelope using only 1 sheet of paper.   Even dissected an existing envelope to prove it would all fit on, and making my template on pixelmator….but I guess there’s a reason I couldn’t find a nice template ready to go.

I set up all my sizes, and managed to squeeze it all on (just)..but have been defeated by my printer.  Although it supports borderless printing, it keeps adding a pesky 5mm, and reducing my sizes. Damn you HP office jet.  I dont have time to sort it just now, but will (maybe read the manual for once) suss it out, and post it when I do.  For this, I just made slightly smaller versions, and sized my tickets/invites accordingly.

Materials & Equipment Needed:

  • Bright coloured / neon printer paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper folding tool (bone folder)
  • Ruler
  • Printer & Computer
Neon Printable Envelope Diy


Upload the envelope template onto an appropriate software package.  I use software called Pixelmator for things like this, but powerpoint would work fine too.   Add any graphics or text required, and print on your chosen paper.  Trim the outline of the envelope.Neon Printable Envelope DiyTo get nice crisp edges, use the bone folding tool and ruler to score the lines for folding.  Use double sided tape on the tabs, to make an “open” envelope.  To go inside the envelopes, I made two parts to the ticket.

On the reverse, admission information.Neon Printable Envelope Diy The front of the tickets was a photo of all the kids that was photoshopped with cartoon glasses, hair, funny noses etc.  Sandwich the two parts together.Neon Printable Envelope DiySeal the envelope with a large dot cut from the envelope scraps, secured with double sided tape.
Neon Printable Envelope Diy
Because these are being hand delivered, they don’t need to be too sturdy.  If they were being posted through the mail, you could secure the bottom three flaps with double sided sticky tape, and the top flap separately with double sided tape.

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