American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges

American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges

American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges

I have been monstrously busy over the last month, so haven’t had time to post anything.  As a result, I’m reaching in to the archives to post this American Flag Wall Art that I made a number of years ago from recycled and vintage badges.
American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges
I gathered together a huge stash of old badges (or “buttons” for readers across the pond) Thank you friends for plundering the badges from your youth.  And thank you and ebay!  Unfortunately I don’t have any work in progress photos, as this was made in my pre blogging days, but the method is easy enough without photos:

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Red, white, blue and back  paint
  • Badges
  • Staple Gun
  • Canvas Stretcher Bars


Cut the canvas to the size you want, making sure you leave enough spare canvas to wrap around the canvas stretcher bars.  Next I painted in the stars and stripes, and a black border that will be the edge of the canvas and leave to dry.
You will need enough of each colour badge to fill up the stripes and the blue area.  I got my kids to sort through our huge pile of badges, and put them in to colour pile. We then went through and chose our favourites until we had enough to fill the space.  The canvas is still flat, so attach them in the correct colour section, until the whole space is filled up.  I used an american flag wall art theme because its very visual (and easy).  But you could do any flag, or any shape if you prefer.  A heart would work well.
When you have the design the way you want it, wrap it around the frame, and secure tightly in place with the staple gun.  You could instead take this to a picture framers, and have them do this for you.

This wall art currently hangs in our dining room.  Its amazing how many memories it brings back for people when they see a badge they remember from their childhood.  This wall art is truly unique, as even if I was to replicate it, the badges I would attach would all be different.
American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges

American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges

Individually none of these badges looks fabulous, but I love the way collectively they add up to something far more.American Flag Wall Art With Vintage Badges

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