How To Make A Painted Cardboard Banner

Painted Cardboard Banner DIY

How To Make A Painted Cardboard Banner

Abbi and I made this painted cardboard banner a few weekends ago.  I had a massive cardboard box that was begging to be recycled.  With Jamie’s year 6 party looming, we decided to  turn it into a decoration for that. We were home alone for the weekend, so it was a lovely task for some girlie making and bonding time.How To Make A Painted Cardboard Banner


  • Cardboard – the perfect use for large cardboard box
  • Paint – old house paint for the background
  • Decorative colours for the lettering
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft Knife


The first task is to make the cardboard cut out.  We made a rough sketch on a piece of A4 in pencil before we started.  To make a template, draw a wide trapezoid for the widest piece of your cardboard leave a little room to make the edges a little wavy.  Then draw two further parallelograms with enough room for the swishes.  The pencil marks in straight lines show you how to get the dimensions correct, then add a bit of flair with wavy lines, as I’ve show in the yellow highlighted lines.

To Make the Banner:

How To Make A Painted Cardboard BannerWe then transferred this to the large piece of cardboard.  You can see from my pen marks I took a few attempts to get it right!.  Our box had a pesky handle in the middle, but we just taped it down and painted over it.How To Make A Painted Cardboard BannerUse double sided sticky tape to attach the three pieces together.How To Make A Painted Cardboard Banner

To Decorate:

Paint the whole thing in one colour.  We used leftover house paint.  Next, choose your text, and print out onto standard printer paper.  To get guide marks to paint in the details, place the text where you want it, and draw over with a ball point pen (nothing too sharp that will rip the paper).  This should leave an imprint on the cardboard that you can then simply “colour in” with your preferred colours.How To Make A Painted Cardboard BannerWe didn’t put any curve in my lines, so they don’t flow particularly well (you can see quite a big gap between the G&R), but we realised this too late.  To avoid making this mistake, roughly cut out your letters and masking tape in place before you make the indent.  No surprise that we used neon colours.

To make the banner look 3D – add some dark shaddows on the underside of the ribbons.
How To Make A Painted Cardboard Banner
 On the final version, we also added some fluoro round stickers randomly. This took Abbi and I around an hour to do, and was the entrance banner for Jamies school graduation party.How To Make A Painted Cardboard Banner

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