Back To School Stationery

Back To School Stationery

Back To School Stationery

One of my favourite things about going back to school was back to school stationery.  Being able to stock up on lovely new things for my pencil case…..I think its something I’ve never grown out of.Back To School Stationery

Jamie starts back at school today….he moves up to secondary school, but was still happy to take the grubby tired old pencil case he’s had for years, (along with the half chewed pencils and almost run out highlighters!).  I snuck a few new things in there all the same.

Abbi on the other hand has been looking forward to a new pencil case with all the trimmings since she broke up in July.  We are shopping for them today (Abbi reckons we need a whole day!), while Jamie heads off to school.  To get in the mood, here is a selection of some very cool stationery (though some is unlikely to make it into the school bag!)

1. Kastor a pencil munching beaver by Alessi

I would love this cool critter on my desk, but at £37, he’s unlikely to make it on to my desk, never mind Abbi’s pencil case.Back To School Stationery


2. Pencil Sharpener Globe

This globe sharpener at £1.34 is a little more pencil case friendly, and may come in handy with that geography test.Back To School Stationery

3. Emoji Erasers

There has got to be an emotion that suits you in this little collection.  I want the whole set.  There are lots for sale on Amazon.

Back To School Stationery


4. Battery operated Eraser

Abbi was given this fab battery operated rubber fro some friends who visited us this summer.  Unfortunately its addictive and encourages mistake making.Back To School Stationery


5. Highlighters

These cool highlighters from Muji are only £1.25 each, and have a thick and thin end depending upon what you need to highlight.Back To School Stationery


6. Mechanical Pencils

I’m a huge fan of mechanical pencils.  These ones from Paperchase are bright, and only £2.50 for 10.  Bargain!Back To School Stationery


7. Colouring Pencils

Double the colour for half the price.  These double ended pencils are available from The Peas Knees.  At £5.99 they even come in a handy tin.Back To School Stationery

The Peas Knees

8. Glue

Isnt this a fabulous glue?  Apparently its what Italian kids use at school.  I Looooooove the retro tin with the little glue brush.  This is £3.50 from The Deskstore, and definitely trumps a boring pritt stick! Back To School Stationery

The Deskstore

9. USB Stick

La Cie do a range of really tough hard drives and USB sticks.  I love this one, that reminds me a bit of an orange grenade.  But at £35 its a bit pricey for school homework assignments.Back To School Stationery

La Cie

10. Ruler

Ok this may not be the most PC ruler to take to school.  Its available from (which also stocks plenty of other cool stuff).  The ruler definitely isn’t suitable for school, and won’t make the pencil case cut.  In fact the kids at my kids school seem to test the “shatterproof” claim on most rulers.  We go through about 1 a month, so I buy the cheapest possible ruler from the local stationery shop.Back To School Stationery


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