Headless Halloween Costume

Headless halloween costume

Headless Halloween Costume

Until recently, we haven’t usually done much for Halloween costumes  – maybe a witches hat and a cloak or a witches cat if we really push the boat out.  Last year however Abbi decided she wanted something a bit more elaborate.  “Mum can you make me a headless halloween costume?”

you Girls wearing a Headless Halloween Costume

It sounded tricky, but was actually amazingly easy and cheap.  Apologies for the shocking quality of photographs, this was made before I started blogging.  So unfortunately I didn’t photograph all the stages.  I have tried to explain what we did, where I don’t have photos.  If you need any clarification, please leave a comment, or drop me an email.

Materials used:

  • Black dress & black polo neck (both need to be sacrificed)
  • Small rucksack (will not be damaged)
  • White material x 4 squares approximately 30cm
  • Needle & Thread
  • Padding (bubble wrap or newspaper)
  • Packaging tape
  • Red Sharpie and or fake blood


The first thing to do is identify your body.  You will need a garment that has long sleeves for the arms, ideally a high neck, and is long enough to come down to knee length.  To get an idea of the length you need, place your head at the waist of the garment, and check the drop from there.
One trip to the charity shop later, we were the proud owners of a long black dress and a black polo neck  – both for £5.  Together these gave us everything we would need.  the dress will go over the top of the jumper.Headless Halloween Costume
 Kicking myself that I didn’t make more photos of this process, but basically the next stage is to create the fake shoulders. We took a cardboard box and measured the height that we needed.  I tapered it in enough that it would fit in the rucksack (school bag sized).  The rucksack adds a bit of bulk, but most importantly is comfortable and keeps the shoulders high and in place.  pinterest-shouldersTape the cardboard and rucksack in place.  this can be removed afterwords, and won’t damage the rucksack.pinterest-shoulders-2

The Body:

The cardboard goes in the rucksack, then both go under the dress and jumper.
Bulk up the jumpers arms and neck with bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper and tape into place.  Leave a “stump” at the neck. Add a squares of white material, and splatter with blood before tucking in to the stump.

Arms and Hands:

Puff out the arms with either bubble wrap or newspaper, before sealing the ends with the hands.  The hands can be made with the crudest sewing imaginable.  Draw round your hand, sewing two sheets together for each hand.  Trim, and turn inside out to make glove shapes. Stuff the fingers with cotton wool, and sew onto the sleeves of the jumper. Use the sharpie or fake blood to drip blood on the inside of the hands where they will be holding the head.   You could add more details (finger nails, knuckles etc at this stage) if you wanted.


Finally you are ready to assemble your costume.   Measure where your head will come out, and cut the dress around the stomach area so you can pop the head through. Cut a cross to allow you to pop your head through rather than a hole, so it will cover your neck and won’t gape open.
Sew the “hands” together, under the head as if it is holding the head up.

This costume took us around 1-2 hours from start to finish.  I wish Id taken more (and better!) photos, as it was a real hit, and Abbi really enjoyed trick or treating in the costume.  It was easy for her to move about in, and also warm, which in the UK is quite a bonus.  If you make a similar costume,  consider cutting slits in the side of the dress as arm holes.Trick or treeting girl in a headless halloween costume Girl holding her head in headless halloween costumeIf this has inspired you to make your own headless costume, I’d love to hear from you or see you photos.Details and photos for how to make a headless halloween costume

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