Leftovers Pie

Leftovers Pie

Leftovers Pie

One of our favourite ways to use up any leftovers after a weekend roast chicken, is leftovers pie.  We may even prefer it to the main event!
Leftovers Pie


  • Leftovers (approx 200g per person depending upon whats in it, and how greedy you are)  
  • Puff pastry  – 1 box of puff pasty ready rolled sheet makes the pie above, which we have for 4 of us. Extra off cuts become cheese twists. 
  • Extra vegetables / meat and stock as required


Throw all the leftovers into the base of a pie dish.  Chicken, vegetables, potatoes and gravy – add some extra liquid if necessary, and lovingly encasing in a nice puff pastry blanket.  If you need to bulk up because you haven’t enough leftovers, add any combo of button mushrooms, softened leeks, cooked sausages, bacon, or veg from the freezer.  Personally ours always gets a couple of leeks cooked within an inch of their lives, and a handful of either cooked chipolatat sausages cut up.  Make sure the mixture has plenty of liquid, as it can dry out quite a lot in the oven.
The filling needs to be cold when you put the pastry lid on, to make sure the party doesn’t go soggy. Chill in the fridge if necessary before adding the pastry.
My kids like some kind of text to their pies….often its their name, a silly phrase or simply the name of the filling.  Use pastry cutters to make your mark.

Brush with an egg.  I do the egg wash before I put the letters in place, so they don’t colour as much, and they stand out more when cooked.

Leftovers PieBake in a pre heated oven, around 180 C for 25 minutes, or until pastry is crisp and brown.Leftovers Pie

You could use other roast meat for this pie, but really it works best with chicken.

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