Hand Painted Rainbow Gift Wrap

Hand Painted Rainbow Gift Wrap

Hand Painted Rainbow Gift Wrap

This hand painted rainbow gift wrap is easy to make, and can be made in a matter of minutes.  On top of that, its simple enough for kids to make themselves, and metres and metres of it will cost only a few pounds. Have I convinced you yet?Hand painted rainbow Gift Wrap


  • Wallpaper lining paper (or other large sheets of paper)
  • Paint or inks in a variety of rainbow colours


Last year I was given these wonderful inks as a birthday present.  My intention has always been to work on some calligraphy skills, but in the mean time, I love using them in colourful less skilled ways!  And what could be less skilled, but tremendously effective than dolloping colour on a page in a rainbow pattern.  Design patent underway!
The base of the gift wrap is wallpaper lining paper.  Its perfect for gift wrap (and kids large art projects), as its really thick, and can handle a lot of paint.  10+ meters of this is available for only a few pounds in the hardware shop.
Hand painted rainbow Gift Wrap
Slap dash (artisan) is good.  You definitely want a home made look.
Hand painted rainbow Gift Wrap
Add in a couple of coordinated gift tags.  You can see why I need those calligraphy lessons.
Leave to dry, before wrapping your gift.7-rainbow-gift-wrapAdd a coordinated accessory.Hand painted rainbow Gift Wrap
I may never buy wrapping paper again.   This is perfect for two of Abbis friends who are sharing an art party this weekend.
Hand painted rainbow Gift Wrap

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