multipurpose word search gift wrap

Multipurpose Word Search Gift Wrap and Card DIY and Printable

Multipurpose Word Search Gift Wrap and Card DIY and Printable

Our multipurpose word search gift wrap covers almost any scenario you can imagine.  Print off onto standard A4 or A3 printer paper, highlight the relevant words or events, and wrap.  You have no excuse for not having any wrapping paper in the house again.word search gift wrap
Started off by making a word search in excel, laying out and interlinking the phrases and words you want into a grid.  (Or simply download mine).  Don’t forget to keep track of where your ‘messages’ are on a master sheet.
multipurpose word search gift wrap
Print out onto A4 or A3 – for large parcels, trim the white edges, and tape multiple sheets together.
multipurpose word search gift wrap Then wrap your gifts, with the messages you want facing the front.  This works best for rectangular and square parcel.multipurpose word search gift wrap Once wrapped (or before if you prefer), use a highlighter to make your message stand out.multipurpose word search gift wrap The multi purpose sheet has many obscure messages hidden within it.multipurpose word search gift wrap multipurpose word search gift wrap Because there are so many messages inside the grid, I’ve highlighted all the various versions on the next few print outs,  so you don’t have t spend hours trying to find them on the grid. multipurpose word search gift wrap multipurpose word search gift wrap This one has loads of superlatives to go with a happy birthday message.  Perfect for a swanky, cool and fab friend or relative.multipurpose word search gift wrap There are a selection of classic holidays – just highlight the one that counts.multipurpose word search gift wrap And a lot of different age combinations – all the ordinal numbers 1 to 13, 16 (in green sharpie) and going up in decades 20, 30 etc in purple sharpie, as well as cardinal numbers first, second up to tenth in pink and twentieth  – to ninetieth in light blue.multipurpose word search gift wrap
Either highlight or circle the words whichever you prefer.

Phrases hidden in the word search gift wrap grid

* happy birthday
* live laugh love
* hip hip hurrah its your birthday
* get well soon
* one…ten
* first, second….tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth  
* 40th – 90th
* thanks, thx, thank you, very much
* thanksgiving, easter, halloween, new year
* be my valentine
* congrats, congratulations
* merry christmas
* bonne voyage 
* you are very wise ; kind; brilliant; fab; superb; amazing; cool; swanky

…..I was starting to run out of card giving events at this point……

* make time for cake
* top of the morning to you (in case you are in the habit of giving cards to leprechauns)
* im sending you this card for no reason at all
* hi y all  (for any Texan card givers)

And while I’m on a roll insulting stereotypes….

*gday sport
*celebrate good times come on
*lets party all night

and finally….
*this may be the most useful / useless card ever. 

Hopefully I havent insulted anyone inadvertently by spelling something heinous in a foreign language!

Happy word searching!

You could make your own easily, or down load mine Multipurpose Card Spreadsheet (but if you redistribute it, please link back / credit my site).

…or if you are feeling lazy, and want one personalised, ping me an email.  If I’m feeling kind, I will make the changes for you.

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