Christmas Cake Decorations - Clay Forest

Christmas Cake Decorations – Clay Forest

Christmas Cake Decorations – Clay Forest

We are not fans of either Christmas Cake or Christmas pudding in our house (nor mince pies for that matter). We tend to go large for the christmas lunch, then early evening, round it off with a nibble on the left overs and a slab of chocolate log. For once my son Jamie wanted to help me make something, so we bust out the supplies, and made some sophisticated Christmas cake decorations for our Yule Log.

Yule log


  • Polymer clay in a variety of colours
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Superglue

We used polymer clay, but you could just as easily use salt dough, fondant icing or marzipan coloured with food dye.

Christmas Cake Decorations - Clay Forest


Make around 4-5 balls, in random random sizes for each colour.Christmas Cake Decorations - Clay ForestChristmas Cake Decorations - Clay ForestRoll out one end to a point, and flatten the bottom into a cone (or tree) shape. Stick a cocktail stick in the base of each, and bake according to the instructions on your polymer clay.polymer clay forrestUnfortunately ours changed colour a lot in the oven.  I did follow the instructions to the letter.  Next time, I would reduce the heat by 10 degrees or so.Polymer Clay treesAnd Plant them in your desired Chrismas dessert.  These would look fantastic on a christmas cake with billowy snowdrifts of royal icing…..maybe next year I should make a choc cake with white chocolate icing.Chocolate Log A hefty sprinkle of icing sugar  snow….Christmas Cake Decorations on a yule log
Christmas Cake Decorations - Clay Forest decorationsHurrah!  Thats another thing crossed off the list.  These can be hand washed and used again.Christmas Cake Decorations - Clay Forest
 Merry Christmas from Paint Sew Glue Chew.Christmas Cake Decorations - Clay Forest

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  1. Such a cute and simple idea – could be used for so many great things! I honestly never thought to use polymer clay – seems much easier, especially when you’re in a hurry!

    Danielle @ Busy Mom’s Helper

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