Rudolph Nutella Toast

Rudolph Nutella Toast

Rudolph Nutella Toast

Today even though its not nearly Christmas, we had Rudolph Nutella Toast.  We have builders in just now redoing the underfloor heating in the kitchen.  It is hell.  I know people have to put up with A LOT worse, and I need perspective!  But it has been quite painful…..and seems to have gone on for months…..and months….and months.  Should be fully up and running for summer!Rudolph Nutella Toast

The kids have not complained too much – mainly because:
1) They aren’t paying the equivalent of the African national debt to replace something as boring as pipes under the floor.
2)  They care not a jot about 3 inches of dust on everything 5 minutes after IT HAS JUST BEEN CLEANED.
3)  The usual annual quota of junk food in our house has been consumed in the space of a couple of weeks.
As well as lots of take-aways, we have eaten a lot of toast this month.  So here is a little festive toast and nutella treat to start getting you in the christmas spirit….


A slice of toast
1/2 a curly wurly
2 slices of banana
1 strawberry or raspberry
2 blueberries


Spread generous amounts of nutella over the toast.  Take a skewer and stab the top to make holes for the antlers.
Rudolph Nutella Toast

The Antlers:

Snip the curly wurly into 4 pieces, with a few trimmings to make them look antlerish.

cadbury curly wurly antlers

 Stick them in the skewered holes.Rudolph Nutella Toast Add banana eyes.Rudolph Nutella Toast Blueberry pupils.Rudolph Nutella Toast And Rudolphs red strawberry nose.Rudolph Nutella Toast
 And now in the spirit of cheesy christmas crackers……..What do you call a reindeer with no eyes ?….Rudolph Nutella ToastAs demonstrated by Abbi…..
“No Idea!”
Sorry.  No excuse for that.   Hope everyones christmas preparations are going better than mine!

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