DIY Snowboarding Costume

DIY Snowboarding Costume

DIY Snowboarding Costume

last week we blogged about our Bob Sleigh Costume for Abbi as part of a Winter Olympics fancy dress theme for school.   While we were at it, we made a Snowboarding Costume for a friends daughter. (Gotta love those cardboard boxes).DIY Snowboarding Costume

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard box (needed to be at least 1.2m long)
  • Paint
  • Printed images from the internet
  • Coloured paper
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • White t-shirt and sharpies
  • Goggles & bobble hat

First Cut out the snowboard shape.  A simple long sausage shape with rounded corners.

Paint both sides of the cardboard, and decorate.

For ours, we decorated as Team GB as it was a winter olympics theme.  We cut letters for team GB from a couple of sheets of coloured paper, and added a few olympic flags and union jack flags.  We needed something super quick, as we only had an hour os so to make it.  Decorating would be a great craft for kids to do themselves, and be as elaborate and detailed as they wanted.

On the other side, we cut out letters for “Armstrong”  the school house that Charlotte. We added a couple of black cut out feet.

DIY Snowboarding Costume

The school tracksuit looks a bit like salopettes, and we added a quick 5 minute puffy paint / sharpie attack on a white t-shirt……DIY Snowboarding Costume

DIY Snowboarding Costume
Charlotte just has to add goggles and a bobble hat, and she is slope ready.  Who would have though you could have so much fun with an old box…..
DIY Snowboarding Costume

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