Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes

Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes

Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes

Sauteed potatoes are the absolute best way to use up leftover boiled potatoes. For some reason, these seem to work better with day old potatoes.  I should google the science behind it, as I have no idea why – but its definitely true. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use left over potatoes – they are still pretty awesome cooked from raw potato.  Follow these steps for perfect crispy sauteed potatoes every single time.

Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes


  • Potatoes
  • Seasoning
  • Olive oil (or butter if you prefer)


Obviously, use left over potatoes if you have them.  If not, boil or steam a few large peeled potatoes.  They should be cooked to soft, but not disintegrating  and allowed to cool fully.  They need to be nice and dry to go fully crispy, a few shaggy bits on the end like mine help too. Think of them like pan roast potatoes, and you get the idea.

Slice the potatoes into approximately 5mm discs.  Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes

Then use a cookie cutter to cut mini hearts from the discs.  Obviously this is optional.  The leftover potato can be used for fishcakes or seasoned and flatten before frying into potato cakes.
Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes


Place a non stick pan, on a high heat, drizzling some oil into the pan. Wait until the oil sizzles before putting the potatoes in the pan – but don’t overcrowd. The oil still needs to be sizzling, but you can turn it down slightly.  These will take 5 – 10 minutes to crisp up.  Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes Once crisp on one side, turn over and brown the other side.  The exterior should be crispy, but inside soft and delicious.Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes Drain on to a kitchen towel to remove any excess oil, season well and serve.Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes Heart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes I think in America these are called Homefries or Cottage fries….sometimes they are referred to as pan fried potatoes.  Whatever you call them they are fab comfort food.  And maybe I should apologise for even more heart shaped foods.  I don’t seem to be able to stop myself. My family have threatened to arrange an intervention….or simple hide  the heart shaped cookie cutters.  Whatever shape you decide on, these make the perfect hangover breakfast with a poached egg.  And even better for a Burns Night Breakfast, some haggisHeart Shaped Sauteed Potatoes

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