Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrots

Chocolate Mousse Flower Pots with White Chocolate Carrots


Chocolate Mousse Flower Pots with White Chocolate Carrots

Why does somebody decide to make white chocolate carrots (you may well ask).  Abbi and I found these teeny tiny flowerpots in the garden centre last week and had to have them.  I’ve seen them used with edible flowers on Pinterest.  But unfortunately our garden is like a barren wasteland after a very wet winter… so no chance of edible flowers from there.

You can buy them on line, but they are muchos expensivo.  Great for a wedding or bit celebration. A bit much just for an easy dinner party.  By the way any non poisonous flowers would be fine so long as you are sure they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides.  This rules out any of the supermarket and garden centre flowers.   We did consider using herbs, but the plain green didn’t look quite right. So finally getting to the point… we made white chocolate carrots instead.


For the Carrots:

Each pot needs two carrot halves.  The exact weight of chocolate will depend upon the size of your mold. Ours are about 5g per half carrot.  Don’t forget to allow for some wastage in the bowl. These make nice toppers for carrot cake too, so you may as well make the whole tray even if you dont need them.

For the Mousse:

  • 1 oreo per pot, inside cream removed and ground to dust.
  • 90g good quality chocolate.  70% bittersweet is best, but if you are making this for children, I would use good quality milk chocolate instead.
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar (adjust to taste)

This volume easily made 6 – 8 little pots, as ours are tiny.  With plenty of leftover for the kids to lick the bowl.

Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrotsWe found a chocolate carrot mold on Amazon, and appropriately carroty colours of chocolate in our local baking and craft shop.  Looks like my chocolate making skills need some work!Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrotsOf course we then found some chocolate carrot decorations already made in the supermarket….by where is the fun and lost 2 hours in that!
Finally, chocolate carrots made and assembled, we made the chocolate mouse.

Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrots

To make the base earth for the pots, fill with chocolate mouse. if the mouse is made directly into the pots, it will be flat.  A more earthy bumpy texture is better.  make the mouse in a separate bowl, and spoon in to make mounds.

To make the chocolate mouse (sorry I forgot to photograph this stage)

Melt the chocolate over a low heat, and set aside to cool.  Separate the eggs, and whisk the whites until the form soft peaks.  Add the sugar and whisk again until incorporated into the white.
Add the egg yolks to the cooled chocolate and mix.  Whisk a third of the egg whites into the mix.  Finally add the rest of the whites, folding gently in. Don’t over mix or you will lose all the fluffiness.
Adding the whites in two stages prevents the streaking effect you can get if you add them all at once. Whack the resultant foamy chocolate delight in the fridge for at least 3 hours until set.
Line the base of your pots with a circle of greaseproof paper to make a plug.Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrotsSpoon in to your prepared pots.  Dont flatten out the mouse. Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrotsSeparate the outer biscuit from the creamy inside of the oreos. Grind up the biscuits to a nice powder. (Don’t ask what happened to all the white oreo filling).Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrotsSprinkled the mousse with crumbled oreo.  Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrots
Before taking the carrots and pushing two together in to the earth.
Chocolate mousse flowerpots with white chocolate carrots
These puddings were a huge hit!  Ive made them before with shop bought fondant carrots, and even tried making painted white carrots (I kids you not).  This was far nicer than the former, and far easier than the latter.  A huge hit at our easter lunch!

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