pass the pig party game

Pass The Pig Party Game

Pass The Pig Party Game

Abbi is completely obsessed with micro pigs just now.  Despite being 9 going on 10, she is also a passionate party planner.  She has been planning her birthday party for at least 10 months.
The main part of the party is a visit from two super cute micro pigs.
But as well as that, she wants an old fashioned party with traditional party games.  We’ve given them a bit of a porcine twist!  Pass the pig party game is one of these games.
pig theme party games


  • Winners gift present
  • Small gift for each layer
  • Forfeits
  • Pink paper for final layer
  • Newspaper or plain paper for inner layers
  • Double sided tape


This is obviously pass the parcel – and could be themed to any animal or theme.  Whenever we do pass the parcel, we always adda mini gift in each layer.  A throw back from upset party guests who don’t want to open a parcel or wrapped paper!
In our Pass the Pig party game, as well as giving a chocolate, we also added a forfeit!  Abbi’s brother Jamie was particularly fiendish in suggesting forfeits.

Wrap up the winning gift (Percy Pig sweets in our case), and as many layers as you have party guests.  Place a sweet and a forfeit within each layer.

For the final layer, wrap in pink paper and pimp it up piggy style:

A few simple paper accessories can transform the pink parcel into your pass the pig game. Ive added a download at the end of the post, either print that, or draw simple shapes yourself.

pig party games
Cut out the features.pig theme party ideasFor the tail, use a pair of scissors to curl the paper, leaving a pig party games Make the ears stand up by cutting a small slit in the middle of the bottom, and fold the ear over on itself. Tape all the features on to the pig.pass the pig party game
Almost too cute to open.  9 year old girls have no such squeamish qualms when waiting to rip in to party games!

Why not check out more pig party ideas at our micro pig party.
Pass the pig party games

Download a PDF version HERE

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      Right back at ya! We have scoffed a fair few of your delicious creations in the past! Are you looking for anything for Marnis birthday….if so happy to help xx

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