Pig Cake with Pigs in a Mud Bath

Pig Cake with Pigs in a Mud Bath

Pig Cake with Pigs in a Mud Bath

Isn’t this pig cake awesome?  Sadly I can’t take credit for the idea (Abbi found it on pinterest).  I can’t even take credit for the execution. I was so busy with party preparations, I had to outsource the cake to a mum in Abbis class who is starting up a business.  She did a much better job than I would have anyway.Pig Cake with Pigs in a Mud Bath

The pig cake was perfect for our pig themed birthday party and was much admired.


It was fairly easy for Tarina my friend to make – two layers of sponge cake, with chocolate icing between. Choose your favourite flavour of sponge.  Tarina put a layer of fudge icing around the cake so the kitkats would stick.  Obviously the basking piggies are pink fondant icing.
My friend used melted chocolate for the mud element.  This was delicious, but made the pig cake quite difficult to cut neatly.  (Luckily 10 year old girls don’t care about that!).  I have seen other versions where the “mud” is chocolate ganache, however that would have been too rich for Abbi and her friends.

The Party

Ill huff and puff and blow your chocolate mud bath in.3-pig-cake These chalk board marker t-shirts were our party bag gifts for the party.  Not very pig themed, but very popular with the girls.4-pig-cake

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