Micro pig Birthday party

Micro Pig Birthday Party

Micro Pig Birthday Party

A Micro Pig Birthday Party may seem like an odd theme, however Abbi has been obsessed with micro pigs for a LONG time.  Unfortunately Mr PSGC is allergic to cats, dogs and all other furry creatures. Pigs are not furry, Abbi has helpfully pointed out. And thanks to those cutesy picture of pigs in teacups, she has long harboured a hope that we will relent and welcome a micro pig into the bosom of our family.

This is N E V E R going to happen.

We were already planning a party with old school party games when I stumbled upon a local micro pig breeder who does school and home visits.  Despite leaving it to 4 days before the party, the breeder was incredibly accommodating, and managed to juggle things around to get two pigs Babe and Wilbur to us for the party.

Micro Pig Birthday Party

I kept the VIP guests a secret from the girls, as it was so last minute, and I didn’t want them to build it up into a big deal, and then be disappointed.  I needn’t have worried.  They were a HUGE success.

Meet the VIPs –


Micro Pig Birthday Party

WilburMicro Pig Birthday Party

Abbi had some time with them on her own before the hoards arrived.

Time for the pigs red carpet makeover.  Well bath.  Olivia their human “entourage” from Kew Little Pigs, let Abbi help wash them.

Micro Pig Birthday Party Micro Pig Birthday Party Micro Pig Birthday PartyTowel dried and ready for their fans.

Plenty of time for Abbi to play before the guests arrive.  Our garden is enclosed, so we took them out of their harnesses for a while. And then spent ages chasing after them.  The harnesses were put back on fairly quickly!  Not long before Abbi realised you don’t take micro pigs for a walk…they take you!

Micro Pig Birthday PartyMicro Pig Birthday Party

Lets get this party started

And then the party guests arrive.  The girls are a little tentative at first.
Micro Pig Birthday Party But very soon are down cuddling the pigs.Micro Pig Birthday PartyAnd taking it in turns to take them for walks.Micro Pig Birthday PartyMicro Pig Birthday Party Abbi and I made these chalkboard t-shirts  that we gave out to the girls with some chalk while they were waiting for their turn.
Micro Pig Birthday Party

Olivia their handler was great.  She gave the girls some basic information about looking after pigs, and was very relaxed about letting the pigs be handled.  Believe me those porkers don’t do anything they don’t want to.  I managed to get nice pics of all of the girls, which we used for Abbis thank you cards.

The pigs were at the party for about an hour, and I would say the novelty definitely wore off.  45 mins would have been enough.  Always leave them wanting more! Luckily we had plenty of other activities lined up.

These little porkers weren’t cheap.  I may been cheaper to book Beyonce for the party.  But they were (a present from Grandad, and) a brilliant unique addition to our pig themed party.

Abbi loved the pigs, but added bonus, she is a bit more realistic about the work (and mess and smell) that they produce (pinterest doesn’t show you that!!).

Hurrah! She no longer asks us 12 times a day if we can have a micro pig.

Party Games

After the micro pigs left, we had a variety of pig themed party games including:

  •  Pass the pig
  • The chocolate game – the girls roll a dice, and if they get a six they put on a variety of party to a piggy costume before they can start eating (until the next person rolls a six.
  • Chubby Piggies (a variation of chubby bunnies)
  • Snouts and tails ( a variation of heads and tails)
  • And a pig pinata

    Micro Pig Birthday Party

Party Food

We didnt go mad on micro pig theme party food. But we did get this fabulous piggy cake:
 Micro Pig Birthday Party
And as well as sausages in buns, the girls had pop corn (pigswill) in bags.micro pig birthday party

Party Bags

Finally, we made cute piggy party pags for the girls to take home some piggy theme goodies (sweets mainly).Micro pig birthday party

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