Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles

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Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles

Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles

Cheese Walnut and Honey.  A simple and tasty combination of flavours.  These are fancy pants cheese and crackers. A drizzle of honey and walnuts were all the makeover that these babies needed to transfer cheese and biccys from “night in front of the TV snack” to “Elegant canapé” for girls night. Add large quantities of vino obviously.Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles


  • Decent Quality Crackers –
  • Strong Cheddar or Manchego Cheese
  • Walnuts (1 walnut 1/2 per cracker)
  • Runny Honey


Slice the cheese thinly. Don’t you love this cute little devil.  I was given this as a birthday present over (ahem) 20 years ago, and he is still going strong.Cheese Walnut and Honey NibblesBreak up a walnut half into a couple of pieces and put on the cracker.  Add a drizzle of honey over the top.Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles Cheese Walnut and Honey NibblesIn the interests of full disclosure!  Although we like to pretend to sophistication, my friend and I actually had these Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles while waiting for our takeaway curry to be delivered!Cheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles

DianaCheese Walnut and Honey Nibbles