Sangrita de Toro

Mexican Bloody Mary Sangrita de Toro

Mexican Bloody Mary Sangrita de Toro

I saw this recipe for Sangrita de Toro which comes from Silvana Salcido Esparza, the chef and owner of the Barrio Cafe in Tuscon.   Genius!  This has nothing to do with Sangria as the name may suggest, but is a Mexican version of a bloody mary.
So its a Tequila Bloody Mary. Bloody genius.
Sangrita de Toro


  • 1 part tequila
  • 2 parts tomato juice
  • 3-5 dashes of tabasco (or as much as you dare),
  • A couple of heft squeezes of lime juice.
  • Add  salt and cracked black pepper.
Optionally garnish with chilli salt on the rim.


Mix whatever quantity you need in a jug, and decant into small glasses to serve.  The celery isn’t exactly Mexican, but those leaves are too pretty as a garnish.   Something cactusy would be good, or a birds eye chilli.Sangrita de Toro This drink is probably best enjoyed with a hefty hangover when your tastebuds need a kick in the backside.  Not for the faint hearted…or weak stomached. Sangrita de ToroA chilli salt rim was a really nice (if slightly punchy) addition.  I added a small teaspoon of chilli flakes to teaspoon of maldon salt, as some (very) finely sliced and diced fresh chilli.Mix together, and then rim the glass with lime.  Dipped the rim of the glass in the mix.I had lots of the chilli salt left over, so blitzed in a mini blender, and can used for bbq rubs etc.

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