Painted Pebble Place Name Settings

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Painted Pebble Place Name Settings

Painted Pebble Place Name Settings

I always do place settings when we have more than 6 people for dinner, as it stops all the faffing making sure partners are not sitting together, exactly when I am ready to serve the food.  If I have time, I like to make a handwritten place card.  For a recent dinner party,  I made these easy painted pebble place name settings with gold sharpie and black pebbles.Painted Pebble Place Name Settings


  • Pebbles
  • Gold Sharpie
  • Dinner Party Guests


Not much to really say about these….collect pebbles, write name in gold sharpie.  Job done.  Its a nice alternative to paper (or the chalk on slate place mats that I usually do).
Painted Pebble Place Name SettingsI added a little bit of foliage clipped from the garden to go along with the painted pebble place name setting.Painted Pebble Place Name SettingsPainted Pebble Place Name SettingsPainted Pebble Place Name Settings

DianaPainted Pebble Place Name Settings

2 Comments on “Painted Pebble Place Name Settings”

  1. Lady Liberty Hen

    What a great idea; I shall go and collect some pebbles immediately! I get exactly the same worries about the faffing around – I never learn from experience and always forget to take the soufflés out of the oven after everyone’s sat down rather than before!

    1. Diana

      Oh I know Lady Libery Hen – and Im not know for my timekeeping after 3 cocktails ! Have a lovely monday 🙂

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