Bacon Letters

Bacon Letters. Say It With Bacon

Bacon Letters.  Say It With Bacon

In our house, there aren’t many things that can’t be solved with a bit of crispy bacon.  (Except perhaps heart disease!).  My oldest son turned 12 today.  Crikey where did the time go?  It seems like only yesterday he was a cute toddler making mud pies (and doing what he was told).  Now all of a sudden he is on the brink of teenagerdom with all the delights that hormones bring (we get occasional glimpses of what we have in store!).  I know him well enough to know he would appreciate a happy birthday message in bacon more than any other breakfast.2-bacon-pinterest
To be fair he is fairly easy to keep happy.  It usually involves food.  Knowing it would be too rushed on a school morning to make from scratch, I pre cooked the bacon into the shapes, so it was ready for the morning. Obviously you can skip this step if you have time to cook on the day you are eating.3-bacon-letters
 Not too crispy, so I could reheat today.  They shrink a bit on cooking, but the bacon letters retain their shape well.  4-bacon-lettersPut them on a clean baking sheet, and pop them into the fridge, until ready to reheat.5-bacon-lettersWe had these with pancakes, strawberries and maple syrup.  Yum.6-bacon-lettersWhat would you write?  I mean any message would be a delight if written in bacon right?  Even a Dear John Letter might have the edge taken off if crafted in breakfast items.

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