Potato Stacks in a Muffin Tin

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Potato Stacks in a Muffin Tin

Potato Stacks in a Muffin Tin

These potato stacks are really easy, tasty, and look a teeny tiny bit posh. They are also good for portion control…which helps if you are a little (or big) bit greedy like me.
Potato Stacks in a Muffin Tin

Ingredients (Per Person):

  • 1 large potato Maris Piper are my favourite spud, but the ones used here are a more waxy salad potato.  Its all good.
  • A drizzle of olive oil
  • Generous sprinkling of salt and paper are all you need.

As an optional extra add finely chopped garlic, or infused olive oil to add extra flavour.

Don’t these look pretty?


Peel and thinly slice the potatoes (thinner than a £1 coin if you can).  Then layer the slices in an oiled muffin pan.  If you use larger potatoes you can obviously get 1 slice per layer, which looks prettier for a fancy dinner. If not, like here, layer up in circles.  Laying the slices as flat as possible (like building a dry stone wall) so they don’t topple when you bring them out.  Brush with oil and season each layer.Potato Stacks in a Muffin TinBake (around 180 degrees C) for around 25 mins until golden and crispy, and all the potatoes are cooked through.  The exact time will depend upon how densely you have packed them.Potato Stacks in a Muffin TinThey should pop out easily. The top is crispy, but the potato inside the layers is soft and fluffy. Potato Stacks in a Muffin TinSo much for portion control.  The kids and I had 3 each! (I may even have had the 4th when no-one was looking).Potato Stacks in a Muffin TinThese are especially good with roast lamb and some rosemary infused oil.

DianaPotato Stacks in a Muffin Tin