Caipirinha with Cachaca and Lime. A Classic Brazilian cocktail

Caipirinha with Cachaca and Lime. A Classic Brazilian cocktail

Caipirinha with Cachaca and Lime. A Classic Brazilian cocktail

Good reasons to drink Caipirinha and other Cachaca based cocktails…..

You don’t really need a good reason, but…..The world cup started yesterday.  I will have to accept the inevitable reality that for the next 4 weeks, I am officially a World Cup widow.  I will be unlikely to get a word out of either Jamie or Mr PSGC for at least a month.  And this is despite the fact that Scotland didn’t even qualify.

I intend to drown my sorrows while at the same time expressing my support for this momentous sporting event……through the medium of bar tending!Caipirinha with Cachaca and Lime. A Classic Brazilian cocktailThe more observant amongst you may have noticed that Abbi was not included in the family football fanatic list.  And yes I could use this time to spend more one on one time with her – but that will get in the way of my cocktail consumption.  I’ll pay for counselling when she’s older.

Obviously my first beverage would have to be a classic Caipirinha (pronounced Kai Pir Een Ya).

This is super easy, even when you’ve had 3 or 4!

This is like a Brazilian version of the Mojito.   Its base alcohol is Cachaca (pronounced Ka Cha Sa I think).  Despite this being Brazils national drink, it took me 5 shops before I could source some.  It is available online, but If you can’t find any, use vodka (which makes a Caipiroski).

Ingredients (for 1 drink – but seriously who’s only going to have 1!)

  • 2 teaspoons soft brown sugar  (You can use granulated no problem, but the brown sugar adds a deeper flavour)
  • 1 limes cut into 6 wedges / chunks
  • 50ml cachaca.  The brand I’m using is Sagatiba
  • Ice to fill the glass

Caipirinha with Cachaca and Lime. A Classic Brazilian cocktailPlace all but 2 of the the lime wedges and sugar in a tumbler  I’m using a wide mouth jam jar.  Muddle the lime and sugar. (Squish together in the glass to get out all the lime juice and dissolve the sugar).Caipirinha with Cachaca and Lime. A Classic Brazilian cocktailAdd the cachaca and ice, and stir.   Garnish with the limes, and anything else you have that makes these pretty.5-caipirinha

If you want to make party sized quantities of these, and don’t want to muddle each one individually, squeeze the juice from the lime separately.  Make a sugar syrup (sugar dissolved in water).  Add the lime juice, sugar syrup and cachaca to a jug, pouring over ice packed glasses.  But be warned, these are pretty potent.

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  1. The world of world cup football widowhood is suddenly looking jolly good fun!
    I really enjoyed meeting you at the Brit Mums Live, albeit so briefly! Now i’m going to have a lovely long rustle through your beautiful looking posts – aren’t Sundays blissful!

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