Gold sharpie t light decorations

Tea Light Decorations

Tea Light Decorations

I will admit to being just a little bit addicted tea lights. These tea light decorations with gold sharpie are quick and easy, but add instant glamour without the need to store or keep loads of tea light holders.

Gold sharpie t light decorations


  • T lights with clear casings
  • Gold sharpie
  • Jam Jars
  • Gold stickers (optional)


Mr PSGC has on occasion complained that sometimes our house looks more like a crypt with all the candles I have burning.  As usual I tend to ignore him on all things interiors!  I love these clear plastic t lights as they are easy to scatter for simple party decor



Another of my addictions is mason jars – so these mason jars tea light decorations also got the gold treatment.

For both projects, I used a very fine liner oil based gold sharpie.

To get perfect circles, I coloured in various sizes of stickers with the pen.  When pealed off, they give a perfect circle.

jam jar with gold stickers

I decorated around 20 tea lights, and 8 mason jars in around 20 minutes before a dinner party, using squiggles, arrows, dots, spots and chevron.   You could take more time and do detailed patterns or designs.

Jam jar with gold decorations

These make great outdoor displays for tea lights, or could be themes for a wedding with the bridge and grooms initials for reasonably priced bulk tea light usage.  Scattered around flat surfaces, or the mason jars can be strung with wire and hung from trees or fences.

gold sharpie decorated jam jars and t-lights

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