DIY Giant Card

Giant Folding Card DIY With Instructions

Giant Folding Card DIY With Instructions

Who wouldn’t love to receive this giant folding card? – It’s larger than you can hold in your outstretched arms, and can be made with any message you want. Abbi made this for the birthday of a very close friend in her class.Giant Folding Card


  • Large sheet of thick paper or card (we used A3 watercolour paper)
  • Coloured paper (or pens/pencils to draw on the message)
  • Scissors and a ruler
  • Glue and clear tape


Take the large sheet of paper and cut it into three equal strips.  Measure a third of the short side, fold over and cut along the crease.

Make the card:

Giant Folding Card To get equal concertina folds for each strip – fold the strip in half, and press down with your finger (or a ruler to get a sharp crease).  Open out, and fold the ends back in to meet the middle, creasing again.  Open out this section, turn over and fold each of the remaining sections in half with a crease one at a time.  Repeat for each strip, to get even creased sections of paper.Giant Folding Card Once all the paper is creased, line up so that the concertina is uninterrupted.  Tape the edges together with thin clear tape on both sides.  Don’t overlap – place the edges together – tape, then turn over an do the same for the two joins. This will create one giant concertina.Giant Folding Card

Decorate the card:

Now start with the colourful bit!  We chose our colours, and cut into strips the right size for the sections.Giant Folding Card Cut out the letters in the colours.  It’s worth laying these out, as its very easy to make a spelling mistake at this stage!Giant Folding Card And then glue into place.  Giant Folding Card Giant Folding Card Abbi also cut out some colourful stars.

And here it is:  Ours measured about a metre and a half long, but you could make this to whatever size suits (or whatever paper you have).
Giant Folding CardAs well as birthday, this would be fantastic for good luck / bon voyage / teacher thank you or any greeting you need.   In stead of gluing on coloured paper, you could paint or or draw the message on the card.  I’d love to hear what you make yours into!


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      You are very kind. Thankyou. We were at her house the other night (9 months post birthday), and got a little buzz from seeing it still out on display.

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