Ideas for halloween food

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

Halloween Food Ghostly Quesadillas

Halloween food!  Its that time of year again, when my kids indulge my desire to theme all foods around the house.  (They are especially indulgent if that themed food happens to be chocolate!)

Quesadilla in the shape of a ghost with spiders and words

Unlucky today kids. – No chocolate.  Lunch is Ghostly Quesadillas.

Tortillas are the perfect vehicle for some halloween shapery, because they are so easy to cut to shape.  Who hasn’t wanted to turn the humble tortilla into a ghost shape?  But if ghosts aren’t your thing, you could try a skull, or a pumpkin (jack o lantern) shape.

For the tortilla ghosts:  First I cut two ghosts the same shape from two tortillas.    You can use a knife, but plain old scissors work best.  On one of the ghosts cut two little eye holes.

Tortillas cut into ghost shapes

Any approximate ghost shape will do.   We made some paper ghosts for windows decorations, and I used them as an approximate template.  But really any blobbish head, arms and floaty undercarriage can look like a ghost.

tortilla cut into a ghost shape on a table

Apologies to any mexicans in the audience.  I know this isn’t the authentic way to “quesadilla”, but its the way we always make em.

To make the quesadilla – Toast one of your ghosts lightly on each side, in a dry frying pan, and keep to the side.

Easy halloween food ideas

Place the second tortilla in the pan, and lightly toast one side.  Flip the tortilla, and as the second side is toasting, add the cheese and whatever other fillings you prefer.

clever halloween food ideas

creative halloween food ideas

For ours today, I added cheese (mature cheddar), beef chilli, and combinations of guacamole, salsa and sour cream depending upon the fussiness of the recipient.  Shredded chicken or pulled pork work really well as fillings, as do cold cuts or sliced meat too.  Or if you want plain, just the salsa and cheese.  Quesadillas are a brilliant way to use up random leftovers.

Halloween shaped quesadilla

Don’t overfill the tortillas –  and best to keep to ingredients that aren’t too runny as the filling will squirt out when you cut in / put it on a plate.

halloween food ghost quesadillas on a plate

Once the cheese is melted, place the top half of the ghost back on top.  If you haven’t overfilled, you can flip the whole things over, but if its looking a bit squidgy, slip it on to a plate and serve.  (Which is why I toast the top tortilla first).

boy eating a ghost quesadilla

Ghost shaped quesadilla

Ghostly quesadilla on a plate with spiders and machette

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