Smores marshmallow cake

Smores Cake

Smores Cake

This smokes cake is my kids new favourite pudding.  Although its not quick – It is so easy to make, and looks really impressive.  You could easily outsource the marshmallow placement to some willing helpers….but in that case buy twice as many marshmallows!Smores Cake


  • 170g Mini marshmallows (ideally all white) – add more to allow for theft!
  • Iced cake of your choice.  I made a 9cm double layer chocolate fudge cake

You will also need a catering blow torch.

You can use whatever cake you wish for the base (a ginger cake would be delicious), but our kids like a classic chocolate fudge.  These a great recipe here that you could follow if you don’t have your own favourite.

Ice your cake with chocolate or fudge icing.  Ice down the sides as well as the top.Smores Cake Smores Cake

Place the marshmallows close together by sticking them into the icing while its still soft.  Keep them as close together as possible.Smores Cake

Cover the whole of the top and sides.  We were starting to run out of marshmallows for the sides, so we just made the gaps a little bigger, to make sure we could cover the whole thing.
Smores Cake Break out the blow torch and start to brûlée the marshmallows.  I was very nervous about letting my 10 year old loose with the blow torch, but she successfully managed not to burn herself or the house down.Smores Cake This was definitely Abbi’s favourite bit.Smores Cake She got a little enthusiastic at times, but nothing a quick blow could extinguish.  Luckily this cake is just for family consumption!Smores Cake Smores CakeServe with fresh fruit.  It was a little more charred than I was going for, but still tastes delicious.
Smores Cake Smores Cake Smores Cake

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