Creepy Twins Halloween Costume

Creepy Twins Halloween Costume

Creepy Twins Halloween Costume

We love Halloween.

Abbi because she can dress up and run around the neighbourhood demanding sweets with menaces.  Me because I have an excuse to make random items, and un necessary random crafts.  Everyones happy.

We were feeling a little under pressure this year to make a great halloween costume – last years headless halloween costume was a big hit. Pressure.

Girls dressed in Creepy Grady Twins Halloween Costume

This year we decided on the goulish twins from the shining.  Like the headless costume, this is so easy to make. In the actual film, the girls are not gory at all (but where the fun in that!) – so we pimped them up a bit.

Materials Needed:

2 blue dresses – (luckily Abbi has outgrown two of her summer school dresses)

white knee length socks

Blood, blood and more blood.  I used spray on fabric blood, (but red food colouring would be fine) and some fake face blood

2 weapons (again not authentic – but much more effective for menacing sweets from our neighbours!)Dresses for Scary Grady Twins Halloween CostumeIt helped that the friend Abbi did this costume with is also blonde. Similar hair styles definitely add to the effect, but really not essential.  Also – ignore the fact that the girls (as twins) are meant to be the same size!!  These two lovelies are both 10 years old – but my daughter is a giant.Girls is school dresses

To make the costumes, we first sprayed the dresses with the fake blood, aiming for a blood splatter effect.  The girl were wearing the dresses while we did this, which in hind sight was a bit silly – the blood soaked through to their skin, and was quite messy to take off.  Also it was quite chilly on the day we did this as you can tell from the fake smiles and chattering teeth.Girls with bloody dresses for halloween Also it would be easier to get splatter effects without squirming girls complaining that its ticklish!  I was aiming for a splatter effect – if you don’t have a spray can, a tooth brush would probably achieve the same effect. This took quite a while to dry, so make sure you allow enough time before wearing. Ideally do this the day before.Spay painted blood on dresses Next we gave the socks the treatment.  Learning from our mistake, we did these without the girl wearing them.Creepy Twins Halloween Costume The girls put light face makeup on, and red lipstick.  An…….before we splatted their faces.  Especially effective when the girls can stop laughing!  They don’t look quite so scary having a giggle.d the butchers cleavers which were an bonus find at Tescos for £1 each.Girls with bloody dress and machette for halloween Finally, blood splatter faces.  This is obviously more effective when the girls can stop laughing!  They don’t look quite so scary laughing hysterically.Laughing girls dressed as scary Grady Twins Halloween Costume Add steely stare and dead eyes, and you are good to go.Serious Girls dressed in Creepy Grady Twins Halloween Costume outsideAbbi really loved going round with a friend in the same costume this year – and this costume could easily stretch to triplets, if three girls wanted to go as a group halloween costume.

I have been finding blood spots in the kitchen for days after.   The girls had some sausage rolls recipe here.  Before heading out to scare our unsuspecting neighbours.

Creepy Twins Halloween Costume Girls with fake blood splatters for halloween Jamies costume not really showing the same attention to detail……Werewolf mask on boy outside


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