Bright and Neon gift wrap ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (7): Bright & Neon Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrap Ideas (7): Bright & Neon Wrapping Paper

Today is the seventh day of my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Bright and Neon Gift Wrap.

Regular visitors to this site, will be well aware of my love affair with all things neon.  Maybe its my inner 12 year old, but I can’t get enough of  splashes of acid green or fluorescent pink.

Gift Wrap Ideas (7): Bright & Neon Wrapping PaperHere are my 10 favourites.


For this gift wrap, Abbi was invited to a neon themed roller disco (is there really any other roller disco theme?).  We went all out with the spray can.

We cut the names of the birthday girls out, and sprayed over the top.  This was very effective in getting headache inducing gift wrap anyway.  You may need to gift a pair of sunglasses at the same time!


(I’ve shared photos of what we did at the foot of the post.)

2. RAINBOW WOOL/YARN  (No Link available)

I love this gift wrap –

Its been pinned so many time on pinterest, that I was in two minds as to whether to include it.  It must have taken ages to tie up…but imagine snipping all those strings to get to the gift inside!

Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the original poster, so don’t know who to credit.

02. Bright Yarn 2


Simple and effective neon dots from The Little Design Corner.  Ive seen a few of these designs in neon stickers in blogland, but I like the simplicity of this with the folded bag and black stickers.

Neon Dot Gift Wrap idea


I really like the way Omiyageblogs has used neon string and an asymmetric design.  The crisp white paper and and simple tags are also very stylish.Neon Twine Gift wrap


A little move away from the neon, but still nice and bright – Kelliemedivitz has created this really beautiful and bright red and blue themed paper with tree motifs.  Its available as a download on the website.

Bright Gift wrap DIY


How much fun do you think Love From Ginger had with this DIY spatter wrap.  It looks stunning with the bright paint on black paper.  I think it would look really great with monochrome as well – or white splats on craft paper.  And who doesn’t have a can of white emulsion paint kicking around in their house?

DIY Splatter Wrap


Clones n Clowns  have kept it simple with the multi string and neon pink pompom.Neon Pompom Giftwrap


And I up-cycled an old neon star party garland Here to decorate simple silver paper.  Its an illness, I can’t throw anything away!

Neon stars gift wrap


Adelle has used a butterfly cutter to create a great 3D gift wrap effect.  The bow ribbons are a cute idea too.Bright butterfly Giftwrap DIY


These neon glitters and definitely on wish list. Papercrave have used them to make these brilliant christmassy gift tag / embellishments.  If you didn’t want to use woods, you could cover simple tag shapes instead, or if you are feeling particularly crafty, make the word the recipients name in glitter!

DIY Neon Glitter Gift Wrap

For the Neon spray Gift Wrap:



Do you have a favourite neon idea?  Id love to hear it. And don’t forget to check out the other gift wrap posts in this series.

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      Hi Daphne – they are just neon paper from paper chase, cut out. Glad you like them. The spray painting gift wrap was lots of fun. My daughter loves any craft that she can wield a spray can in. Make sure you cover the area where you are spraying with protective sheets, as the spray dust travels quite far!

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