Best Gift Wrap Embellishments

Gift Wrap Ideas (10): Embellishments

Gift Wrap Ideas (10): Embellishments

Today is the tenth day of my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Creative and DIY Embellishments.  The embellishment is the bit on the gift that turns a simple package wrapped in paper into an item of beauty.  This is a chance to let your imagination run wild, and add pretty much anything you want.

Best Gift Wrap Embellishments

Here are some of my favourite creative but cost effective ideas:


I love it when people think out the box!  Pasta bows turned into gift bows – genius in my book!

Glambistro keeps it simple with neutral boxes and twine, with a single piece of pasta tying it all together with this gift wrap.

pasta as gift wrap

I’m not sure who the original poster is, but I found this amazing bright pink pasta via At Home In Love  The link suggests the pasta has been painted –  I think its probably more likely the pasta that’s been flavoured / coloured with beetroot.  Either way, it makes an awesome decoration.

pasta as gift wrap



I made these crepe paper streamers for a party a while back – and couldn’t bring myself to throw them out.  I have been using them ever since as gift ribbon on gifts.

homemade ribbon for gift wrap

To make the streamers:

Cut strips of crepe paper around 1 inch thick, in a variety of colours. Layer all the colours on top of each other, and run the whole strip through the sewing machine.   Fold over, and cut fringe along the length of the ribbon, by cutting in around 1/3rd of the width.

Ideally each layer should be slightly narrower as you build up the layers.  I used metallic crepe paper for one of my layers.

Some more hand made ribbon here, with multiple holes punched out of coloured card (no link)

DIY ribbon for gift wrap


One of the easiest kids crafts around – Pom Poms make great gift wrap decoration.  These pom poms were spotted on Martha Stewars Craft Projects

Pom pom gift wrap

I love the two tone effect.  Paired with the subtle white spots and stripes, these look awesome.

Alternatively, I raided the craft box, and randomly stuck on these ready made mini pompoms with a glue gun, for my sons birthday.

pompoms gift wrap


This confetti gift wrap from Minieco is like a kaleidoscope. Wrap the gift first in plain paper.  Add the sprinkles and glittery shapes, sandwiched between this and a layer of clear florists cellophane.  You could vary the sprinkles to be themed shapes (hearts / letters / cars etc). Confetti gift wrap


Buttons are a great way to embellish gifts.  Bugs and Fishes have added lots of random buttons to this red and white ribbon for a really great handmade ribbon.

homemade button ribbon



For the hipster in your life,  what better than this lovely wash tape arrow from Crescendoh DIY paper Arrow gift wrap idea


Or hand made bows from newspaper like these lovely ones here from skippingstarscuisines 

Hand made Newspaper Bows tutorial

Or a more contemporary take in neon from How About Orange.

Contemporary neon Bows diy


These Cherry lollipops from Inspiration For Home  make great gift wrap toppers.Lollipop giftwrap diy


I love these beautiful paper flowers from Oh Happy Day

Paper Cala Lillies gift wrap

And this beauty from Greylustergirl

Paper Flowers gift topper


Pretty much anything can be used to embellish gifts – one of my favourites is vintage items.  Old keys make a great decoration – and are especially good for a housewarming or new home gift.

Oh Hello Friend Blog Uses these keys with a strip of wash tape

gift wrap keys

Or use flee market and thrift shop finds to add items relevant to hobbies or activities, like these beautiful vintage baking items and cookie cutters from sjarmerendejul_blogspot

Vintage baking gift wrap

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the gifts wrap series over the past 10 days, and tune in for the last day tomorrow.

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