Quirky and Unusual gift wrap ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (12): Unusual and Quirky

Gift Wrap Ideas (12): Unusual and Quirky

Today is the final day – day 12, in my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Unusual and Quirky.

I’m featuring my 10 favourite odd ball and strange but still insanely awesome ideas from around the internet.  I think these gifters have all gone the extra mile.  Hint hint family – I’d love to receive any of them.

Quirky and Unusual gift wrap ideas


This awesome Tiny Piñata from Not Martha  is so adorable, I don’t know how you could ever bring your self to pull the strings.

Piñata gift wrap


The Paper Mama has wrapped up tiny gifts in a ball of crepe paper here.  Not great for large gifts, but a great way to gift lots of small items.

02. Roll ball


A novelt way to gift money, is by using the slots of a chocolate box to put different denominations in.  There is no original link for this post.  And what a great excuse to finish that box of chocolates.  All by yourself!.

Chocolate Box Money Gift Idea


As well as creative ways to gift money, its always great to have ideas for gift cards, certificates and tickets, that don’t just result in handing over an envelope.

The gold Jelly bean dresses the whole experience up with a balloon in a box.

Balloon Box Gift Wrap


For similar items, The Creative Mama  places the gift card in a home made snow globe.

Snow globe Gift Voucher


Another one for tiny gifts – Curlybirds uses a walnut shell for a beautiful fairy gift. – This could be awesome as for an engagement ring, or money from the tooth fairy with a little note.

Walnut Shell Gift


My daughter is obsessed with pineapples, so this pineapple gift wrap from diy enthusiasts would definitely be up her street.  At 10 years old, gifting bottles of wine isn’t really on the cards, so I may have to consider something else I would want to gift for her – or find a friend who shares her love of pineapples!

Pineapple Gift Wrap


(From Artists one of a kind) – link no longer available Using a book and hollowing out the pages would be such a great way to give a valentines gift, or a romantic anniversary gift.

This picture was pinned from an art exhibition website, and the link is no longer working, but this would be easy to replicate.  Choose a book with relevance to you both, cut out the number of pages to a depth you need for the gift (from the middle pages).

Cut Out Book Gift Box


Fiskars show how easy it is to use a simple egg carton to make a gift box.

Egg Carton Gift Box


And finally – when in doubt, use a cardboard cut out shape that is obviously not the gift, to wrap a boring shaped parcel.

Receiving this cat shaped parcel would make me chuckle all day (if not longer).

 Funny Cat Shaped gift
And there we are.  At the end of our gift wrap extravaganza.  I hope you can check out the other gift wrap posts in this series.

12 posts, with 10+ ideas each day.  Hopefully you should find something you like.   Although I steered away from anything overtly christmassy – With Chrismas less than a month away, this may have given you some inspiration for your own gift wrap this year.

I have tried wherever possible to credit the original source if I had it available.  If I have missed any out, or made any mistakes, just drop me a line, or leave a comment, and I will do my best to rectify.

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