Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (11): Celebrations and Events

Gift Wrap Ideas (11): Celebrations and Events

Continuing with the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Wrap series.  Today is day 11. I am covering specific celebrations and events, and some creative gift wrap relating to them.

Gift Wrap Ideas for celebrations

These creative gems caught my eye from around the internet:


I love this idea using recycled medicine jars from Jaimejofisher as a get well soon gift.  Though you won’t get much inside them.  The little pill shaped notes would be a perfect little boost for someone needing a pick me up.

Get well soon gift idea


Everyone loves presents, and everyone – especially students love cash.  Its always great to have a fun way to gift wrap them.  These little graduation cap boxes from Crafts Unleashed  are a great way to give cash as a graduation gift.

Creative ways to gift money3. NEW JOB

She’s not the original poster, but I found this great new job gift in a jar over at  30somethingurbangirl.  The Jar becomes the packaging, and will be great for storing loose change once you’ve used the contents.

New job gift ideas


Thepapercraftpost  Have a fantastic tutorial for these gorgeous little matchbox suitcases.  Complete with luggage “bon voyage” tags, these are fantastic.

Bon Voyage Gift wrap ideas

Captainandthegypsykid  have tied the gifts onto plastic zoo animals.  Quite random perhaps, but very cute.

Bon Voyage gift wrapping


Anastasiamariecards has decorated a card (but it could easily be used to decorate a gift)  by using cut outs of baby clothes and teeny clothes pegs.  You could perhaps make a vertical clothes line, and string the clothes from it for even more impact.

New Baby gift wrap idea


My kids don’t get gifts for going back to school (they will be straight on to child services now they know its a “thing”) – but if they did, i’d be making these pencil packages from ikatbag

Back to school gift wrap idea


Willowday takes giving the teacher an apple to a whole new level – wrapping the gift up as an apple.

Teachers Thankyou Gift Wrap


And perhaps a little bit sexist – this gift not necessarily for dads – perfect for any DIY Enthusiast.  I just love that hammer cookie cutter.  And the tape measure as ribbon is gorgeous.

This picture was found on pinterest, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to the original post.

DIY enthusiast Gift Wrap

Another fathers option is to use letters from your kids.  Claraandmacy – Notonthehighstreet have this for sale over at Not on the High Street, but you could easily recreate this for free with a photocopier (for multiple wrap) – taping individual sheets together – or just use kids writing sheets / drawings.

Fathers day gift wrap idea


Bklynbride Have used this cut out man and woman shape, and stuck paper behind.  Such a cute and simple idea.

Brice and Groom Gift wrap


And home-made-gifts-made-easy have found a gorgeous way of gifting money to the bride and groom (though maybe a $1 bill is a little stingy!).  Follow their link for foundling instructions.


Creative ways to give wedding money



And finally, retirement.  Especially for someone quoting the office, i love this cute idea with paper scissors – found unloaded directly from pinterest.

Retirement gift

I hope you enjoyed these gift wrapping ideas.  I’d love to hear your favourites – or any other ideas you think are awesome. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the gift wrapping series.

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