Kids gift wrap ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (4): Gift Wrap for Kids

Gift Wrap Ideas (4): Gift Wrap for Kids

This is the fourth day in my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Gift Wrap for Kids

When I first started writing these posts, I intended to call this post Gift Wrap for Boys…….But before the gender stereotype police start boycotting the site – I know!  These ideas may be just as popular with girls – and the floral, butterflies, ribbons, princesses and bunnies overload I had planned for the “girls” theme may well be perfect for some boys.

Gift Wrap Ideas (4): Gift Wrap for KidsThese ideas are suitable for all kids (big and small).  They use toys, hobbies and themes from around the playroom.  It makes me want to be a kid again.

1.  LEGO

A genius simple idea from Linesacross.  Almost as perfect as the plastic toy itself.

Gift Wrap ideas for kids Lego Gift Box


These superheroes bursting from their parcels make me smile every time I see them.  These are from a blog called I make things and Stuff .  I think I would be very sad to see these ripped open.  My kids would have no such qualms and would wade right in.DIY wrapping paper for kids Superheroes

3. CARS 

Another great and simple idea from Linesacross to make strips of road around the package, and attach cars to the side.

DIY Wrapping paper for kids

Growing up Bilingual  Had a slightly more complicated method of wrapping a monster truck – making the parcel into the terrain.

DIY Monster Truck Gift Wrap


With most of these ideas, simplicity seems to be the key in really effective gift wrapping.  Older And Wisor have used a Starwars  font and phrase to theme this  Starwars wrapping paper.Star Wars Gift wrap diy


A clod of astroturf and some dinos Growing Spaces  would be perfect for some dinosaur enthused kids.  I know a few kids shoe would be ecstatic to receive this. – no matter whats inside!

Dinosaur Gift Wrap diy


Martha Stewart has a tutorial for this fishy watery gift wrap.  I may add a small stick and string to make a fishing rod if I was ding this.  You could tie a worm to the end as the gift tag.

Fish Gift Wrap


I love the hand drawn graphics from Home Heart Craft on these Cartoon gift wraps.  Really bright and effective.

Cartoon Gift wrap DIY


A funny face couldn’t be simpler to wrap a kids gift.  Heres an example from  Eltallerdepepa

Gift Wrap ideas for kids

A Subtle Revelry  goes one step further with a whole family.

Funny face Gift wrap


There are loads of Angry Birds gift wrap available to buy – but how much better is this DIY version made by a mum on pinterest hereAngry Birds DIY Gift Wrap


Its completely missed our house (thank goodness from the sounds of it), but Minecraft is a huge deal for so many kids.  This diy box from Craftibilities is an easy way to gift for a minecraft party.

DIY Minecraft Gift Wrap


Hope you enjoyed these kids gift wrap ideas.  Id love to hear your favourite.  Don’t forget to check out the other gift wrap ideas in this series.

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