Washi tape gift wrap ideas

Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Today is the third day of my 12 days of Christmas Gift Wrap ideas: Washi Tape

There can’t be many people who don’t know what Washi tape is by now.  But just in case:  Washi is a paper tape made from rice paper.  It is easy to tear, stick and reposition.  It comes in a bajillion different patterns and colours, and can be written on, making it incredibly easy to pimp up parcels or simple stationery.  With washi tape, anyone can feel creative.  There wash tape infomercial over!

Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift WrapIf you type washi tape into google or pinterest, you will be overwhelmed by beautiful tapes and creative uses for this tape.  I’ve selected my favourite 10 to show you how easy it is to add a bit of washi love to your parcels.


Hundreds of examples of washi as candles.  I’ve no idea who was the first.  This was an example of one we’ve done. A gift we wrapped for a friends 10th birthday a while back.Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap 2. SCARVES

Not strictly speaking gift wrap – these amazing scarves from mollymoocrafts are too cute not to be included.  And you could do this on a parcel, so it counts right?

creative washi ideasGift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift WrapGift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap 3. FEATHERS

Washi tape makes great faux feathers.  Get the details from Stampington  Perfect for a little gift embellishment.Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap


These cute It Happens in a Blink flower gift tags are a great way to use floral washi tape as gift wrap.Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap5. NUMBER

This number washi using a variety of different patterns was from A Ratherlovelywedding blog.  Sadly the website is no longer available.

Great for kids or landmark birthdays.Number Washi6. WASHI CAKE

Again, there are lots of great examples of these on pinterest.  Adding a few ink flourishes makes a huge difference.  This is a cute example from Orange Gift BagGift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap


Tea for Joy  have some lovely examples of bunting being used as 2D bows or to make bunting on gift wrap.Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap8.  PRINT YOUR OWN WASHI

A Girl And A Glue Gun has a great tutorial on how to print you own words on your washi.  Perfect for any gift event.Gift Wrap Ideas (3): Washi Tape Gift Wrap9. WORDS

Rather like the numbers above, washi has been used here to spell out a message.  This could be used to write the recipients name in washi.  Found on pinterest, unfortunately I can’t find the link to this original post.Washi Tape words


These glassine Bags were perked up with washi tape by michellewooderson beautifully.10a. Glasine BagsI use washi tape all the time just to smarten up simple  gift wrap paper.  These were both photos I posted on Instagram.

The first used greaseproof paper.10. SimpleThe second a page from my daughters exercise book10b Simple 2

Washi Tape is so versatile.  Do you have a favourite?  I’d love to hear it.

And don’t forget to check out my other gift wrap posts.

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