Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY

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Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY

Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY

These Movember inspired napkins were actually made a couple of years ago (when I first heard about Movember), as a fun addition to a dinner party.  While I was clearing out the cupboards last week, I stumbled upon them.  By sheer coincidence we had a dinner party on friday night, where I used them.  I’m sharing a quick post on how we made them, as they were super easy, but so effective.

Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY


  • Napkins (or fabric to make your own)
  • Freezer Paper and craft knife
  • Fabric Paint
  • A hot iron


I didn’t take any photos of the “make”, as they were made before I started blogging.  There’s a tutorial here on how I did a similar template – or if you are unsure / have any questions, just drop me a line.

First choose moustache shapes.  There are so many vectors on the internet with fantastic moustache shapes, and I especially love that they have names:  The Tom Selleck, The Foo Man Chu, The Saldador Dali, the porn star etc.  The biggest challenge will be choosing your favourites.

Print out the shapes you like, before taping the freezer paper over the print out.   Cut a template into freezer paper, using a craft knife, and iron the freezer paper template on to the napkin with a hot iron, to seal in place.  The template should be applied in the middle of one of the sides for maximum impact.  Apply two coats of black paint over the template, and leave to dry.

Once dry, peel away the freezer paper.  Place greaseproof paper over the moustache, and seal to the fabric by ironing again on a hot iron.  the moustaches should now be safe to place in the washing machine when needed.

And there you are:  Moustachioed and good to go.   I used old cream napkins for mine, but you could easily sew your own from any fabric you had.  A light coloured fabric works best.

Abbi enjoyed playing with them while I was getting ready.Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY

Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIYMovember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIYOnce you have finished playing at being Tom Selleck.  Fold the moustache napkins so the taches are on show.  Fold into thirds, then fold in half.Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIYOr get your slave labour  daughter working for you.Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIYAnd here they are in situ:Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIYI would love to hear what things you have made for Movember.  Please leave details in the comments, if you’ve done any projects you’d like to share……Or even just let me know your favourite moustache shape!Movember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY

DianaMovember Inspired Moustache Napkin DIY