Apple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini

Apple and Pear Cocktail – Apeartini

Apple and Pear Cocktail - ApeartiniAnyone who knows me, will be well aware that I like to bust out the cocktails whenever I get an excuse.  (And who really needs an excuse?).

Being Scottish, my fruit intake is not off the richter scale.  By adding apples and pears to vodka, I’m classifying this as a health drink.

Apeartini, Pearppletini – whatever you want to call it – apples, pears and vodkas were definitely meant to go together.   Add some cheesy crackers, like these parmesan crisps or these cheese and honey crackers and as far as Im concerned you’ve got yourself a meal!

Scale up the quantities to suit your party, but per cocktail, I used:

  • 60ml (2 oz) Vodka
  • 30 ml (1 oz) Apple liquor
  • 45ml (1.5 oz) Pear and apple juice *
  • 30ml (1 oz) Freshly squeezed Lime Juice
  • 30ml (1 oz) Sugar syrup
  • Apple, pear or lime garnish

* I originally intended to squeeze the juice from apples and pears myself – but I struggled to get enough liquid from the fruit.  This Copella apple and pear juice was a pretty good alternative.

I don’t like my cocktails too strong – as I quite like to be able to drink them through the night without passing out over the cooker before 10pm.

These may not be punchy enough for some.  By all means, reduce the juice content to your own taste.

Similarly I like the tartness of this cocktail – if you find it too sharp, add more sugar syrup to taste – or too sweet?  Omit the syrup.

I’m not the cocktail police – best to play around with the quantities for one that you like, and scale up – (as I was doing for this shoot, whenI should really have been making dibber for my kids).

You will also need plenty of ice to mix.

Pear and apple cocktail

First add vodka, apple liquor, lime and fruit juice to a jug and stir.  You can make a large jug of this for a party, and then shake individual cocktails as required.

Copper cocktail shaker

Add crushed ice to a shaker, add couple of measures of the cocktail mix – strain and pour into glasses and serve immediately.

Pear cocktail recipeServe with a cheesy based nibble.  Cheers!pear cocktail ideas

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      Love a cocktail (or 3) Carin – my problem is I can’t stick to just one!! Hope you are well, and organised for christmas. Di xx

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