Epic Wall Art Instructions

Epic Wall Art

Epic Wall Art

The Epic wall art for Abbis bedroom has FINALLY made it on to the wall.

It was first started many months ago, and although it turned out to be very easy to make, It has been one of those projects that just never seemed to get finished.

We were making this up as we went along (and took a few wrong turns that I’ve written about at the foot of the post).  But we are finally done, and it is up on Abbis bedroom wall.

Epic Wall Art

Materials Required:

  • Recycled coat hangers
  • Recycled foam insulation pipe
  • Tape
  • Newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • Paint
  • Thread

Tools required:

  • Pliers


1.  The first stage of is to  straighten the coat hangers, and join them together to form letters.  Push the wire through the foam pipe as you go.Epic Wall Art Twist back the wire on to itself to create the shape of the letters.  You’ll need the pliers for this – and it was definitely something I had to help Abbi with.Epic Wall Art As a rough guide, we used Mission Script font – but only as a rough guide. The coat hangers are too thick to be completely precise.  You could use a thinner grade wire, but you need it to be sturdy enough to hold the letter shape (and most importantly the coat hangers are free!!).

2.  Once the word has been formed, used parcel tape to keep it in place and make the word more robust.  It looks quite ugly at this stage, but will all be covered by paper mache.

Epic Wall Art Papier mache the whole thing, and leave to dry.Epic Wall Art To make sure the black newsprint doesn’t bleed through into the final colour, you will need to do a couple of coats of white.Epic Wall Art The white looks great I think, and you could leave it like the (or even with the newsprint version) but Abbi wanted non, so spray or paint in the colour of your choice. 8-epic-wall-art And here it is in situ, on the blackboard wall in Abbis bedroom.  To hang it on the wall, sew a couple of loops of thread on the back of one of the letters to make a hook.Epic Wall ArtEpic Wall art

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      Carly. So sorry its taken me so long to reply. I am of course biased, but she’s pretty special. Have a fabulous Friday x

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