Haggis Brunch

Haggis Brunch with Sauté Potatoes

Haggis Brunch with Sauté Potatoes

I love haggis.  Sadly my children are not so keen.  Between New Year and mid March I constantly try to surreptitiously include it in our meals.  Without much success.

This haggis brunch was one such attempt.  Do not believe my children – the combination is delicious.

Haggis Brunch with Sauté Potatoes

Ingredients (per person):

  • 125g Cooked boiled (ideally left over) potatoes
  • 125g Haggis (Macsweens)
  • Fried or poached egg  (The runnier the better)
  • Handful of salad leaves
  • knob of butter for frying
  • Salt and pepper seasoning

Obviously quantities are for a guide only – go with what you have.


1.  First slice your cooked potatoes, to about 1 cm deep.  I was being a bit sad when I made this, and cut them into heart shapes.  Its a bit of a weakness of mine.  Sorry!  Season the potatoes to taste, bearing in mind that the haggis has a fairly high salt and pepper content.

2.  While your potatoes are sautéing – cook your haggis.  We only use MacSweens haggis.  Around 175g per person is quite a generous dinner amount – for this brunch I would say 125g per person is enough.Haggis recipeCook according to the instructions on the packet – you can roast, boil or microwave.  Microwaving gets pretty good results, so I usually go with that.

Note:  The lovely people at MacSweens have recently changed their packaging, so that the haggis is shaped more like a black pudding (blood sausage). This makes it very easy to slice into portions, and freeze.

3.  Fry your egg in same pan as your potatoes, and place over the haggis and potatoes. This would make a perfect valentines brunch with the cute heart shaped potatoes.Ideas for haggis

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