Sweet Potato and Parma Ham Nibbles

Sweet Potato and Parma Ham Nibbles

Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesI am always on the look out for tasty, easy but unusual canapés.  These sweet potato and parma ham nibbles definitely hit the mark. They can be made with either roasted butternut squash as the title page, or sweet potato as Ive done here.

The parma ham gives a  satisfying salty and crispy outside, with a contrasting roasted soft sweetness from the sweet potato or squash on the inside.  These are a doddle to make as well.

I know Christmas is over, and we should all be looking to smoothies and juices for sustenance, but we always have guests in January that we didn’t manage to squeeze in over the Christmas period, so I like an arsenal of easy snacks (that I can throw together, that make it look like I’ve gone to more effort than I have).

Ingredients:  (Aim for around 4-5 nibbles per slice of ham)

  • You will need around 3 slices of parma ham to every medium sliced sweet potato.  (5 slices for an average butternut squash)
  • Plus a sprinkle of paprika or cayenne pepper (optional)

Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesTake your sweet potato….Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesPeel it…….Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesChop into 1cm (approx) cubes, and drizzle with a little olive oil for roasting.Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesSlow roast on a low heat until fully tender.  (around 45mins on 160 degrees)  You want them to be cooked through, but not charred on the outside.Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesLeave until cool enough to handle with fingers.

Next wrap in parma ham.  This ham was sold in packs of 3 slices – perfect for 1 batch.Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesCut into slices around the size of the cubes.Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesWrap the sweet potato and place back in the oven for 10-15 minutes  on 180 degrees to crisp up.Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesServed hot from the oven.Sweet Potato and Parma Ham NibblesI only made 1 batch of these – and they were swooped on by my children before the guests could get a look in!Sweet Potato and Parma Ham Nibbles
Perfect for pre dinner nibbles with drinks.

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