Ombre Gift Tags

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ombre gift tags on a silver parcel

Ombre Gift Tags

Ombre Gift TagsLast year we made an ombre cake for easter.  We also made DIY ombre cake toppers to jazz it up.   Details about those projects are here.06-ombre-gift-tags 07-ombre-gift-tagsAs a thrifty Scot, I don’t like to throw anything away……so the left over card was recycled into ombre gift tags for one of Abbis friends birthdays.

This is literally a 2 minute craft to jazz up any gift.  I cut the card into the letter shapes, but you could make it even easier and cut into gift tag shapes.

Create the ombre using paint in any colour you want.

Ombre gift wrap

Ombre crafts

Easy peasy, and personalised in any colour you want !

I’m a bit gift wrap obsessed.  Check out my round up of over 120 of the best gift wrap ideas here.

DianaOmbre Gift Tags

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    1. Diana

      Ha ha Carin – need to start up a support group! Are you going to Brit mums this year? Maybe we may finally meet (…and if I get round to buying the tickets).

      1. Carin

        Ooh yeah, add me to the Pinterest board please 🙂

        I’m not sure if I’m going to Britmums this year. I want to, but haven’t gotten my tickets yet. Such a busy month, so not sure if I can make it.

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