Make Your Own Fluorescent T Shirts

Make Your Own Fluorescent T Shirts

Make Your Own Fluorescent T ShirtsA few years ago, I created a bit of a monster.   We made t-shirts to go in party bags for Abbis party.  They were simple (cheap) and quite effective.   However,  Abbi has hounded me every year since to make a new design.

The pressure!    You can see the previous years with puffy paint here and last years chalkboard t-shirt here.

Abbi will be leaving primary school this year, and may lose touch with some of her friends, so I felt compelled to have one final effort.

Anyone who knows Abbi, will be well aware of her love of neon.  Buying fluorescent t shirts was too expensive, so of course we made our own.

Make your own fluorescent t shirtsWhat you need:

  • White t shirts – These can be found on Amazon or similar for around £1-2 depending upon how many you buy.  They are pretty good quality for the price.
  • Freezer Paper
  • Spray paint
  • Paper


  • Printer
  • scissors
  • Iron

Choose a simple font (sans serif) that will make a bold shape when cut out.  (or just draw your own letters freehand)

DIY t-shirt designsTape a piece of freezer paper and trace over the letters.

make your own t-shirtCut out the letters – No need to be too precise.

IMG_8859Iron the freezer paper letters to the t shirts, and spray over the front.  Make sure you completely cover the letters, to get a nice crisp shape. (do the spraying outside if you can, and make sure you put down plenty of paper or a sheet to protect the surrounding area)
IMG_8864Allow the t shirt to dry and peel off the letter.
neon sprayed tshirt

On the back of the shirts, I put the location of the party and the date in puffy paint.

Airhop DIY t shirt design

Sorry about the bad over exposed picture, my camera was on the wrong setting.


We made some in fluoro yellow, red, pink and orange.

Fluorescent t shirts hanging outside

The red is our favourite.  Whats yours?
t shirt design ideas

make your own t shirt designAnd here are the t shirts in action!  This year we went to Airhop in Guildford.  We were limited with numbers and couldn’t take everyone in the year. But those we were able to take had plenty of fun.   I needed several drinks when we got home!  
homemade t shirt ideas

Birthday party t shirt ideas

neon t shirts

fluoro t shirts

fluoro t-shirts

fluorescent t-shirts

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