DIY emoji phot booth props

Emoji Photo Booth Props DIY

Emoji Photo Booth Props DIY

Emoji Photo Booth Props DIY

A few weeks ago, when Abbi left primary school, I was asked by the class reps to set up a photobooth.  You may have seen the easy backdrop I made here.

As well as hats, glasses, wigs and moustaches, I wanted a few props for our instagam obsessed children.  These emoji photo booth props were just the ticket.  Even better, Abbi and I made these in around 60 minutes.

All you need is cardboard and some paint.

We used a dinner plate as our face sized template, and drew 6 circles in the card.

IMG_9814Cut out the circles.

IMG_9816Ta da…

IMG_9818We used some old house pain as undercoat.  This is our kitchen wall colour.IMG_9820 Then painted 2 coats of cadmium yellow…
IMG_9837 I drew the emoji symbols on the yellow paint in pencil, and we “coloured in” the lines.IMG_9842And here they are being modelled by Abbi and one of her friends….

Kissy face and sunglasses…

Hand made emoji masksCrying face and grinDIY emojis

And windy face and the strange tongue sticking out emoji.
diy photo booth propsAnd here they are in action at the party.

No print Emojis photo booth props A selection of boys..(Wigs models own!)Emojis photo booth props no printAnd a slightly more glamorous selection of girls.  Emojis in a photo booth

Photo booth emojisA few of these even survived the night, and are currently decorating Abbis bedroom.

Emoji Photo Booth Props DIY

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