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Witches Brew Halloween Craft for Kids

Witches Brew Halloween Craft for Kids

Witches Brew Halloween Craft for KidsWe have a holiday cottage outside london, where we go for most holiday.  The managers always organise amazing community events for the high days and holidays.   Two years ago they organised this witches brew station for the kids.  It would be easy to recreate at home on a smaller scale.

The first thing the kids did was design their packaging.  labels for the bottles and a bag to take them home.

making labels for witches brew craftMaking bags for halloween craft Then the girls selected their flavours….witches brew flavouringsAnd yikes that is chocolate flavour Abbi is pouring in!
making witches brewFill the bottle with water…girls making witches brew And then to the carbonation machine!  This is a full on industrial fizzier, but you could easily use a soda stream for your home witches brew (or buy fizzy water / lemonade)giant soda streamThis one was certainly lots of fun!witches Brew machinemaking witches brewBubbles inserted, time to pimp up the witches brew.  Add food colouring.
halloween crafts making witches brew halloween crafts for kids And sweets.  witches brew candyAttach the label.
halloween witches brew And enjoy!girls drinking witches brew The drinks were as disgusting as you can imagine they would be (if you put chocolate flavouring with fizzy water).  But huge amounts of fun.witches brew

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