DIY Superhero Advent Calendar

DIY Superhero Advent Calendar

DIY Superhero Advent CalendarThis printable diy superhero advent calendar is so easy, and a great way to personalise your own Christmas countdown.

Last year, a friend moved house at the beginning of December.  As a little housewarming gift to help her son settle his new bedroom, I made him an advent calendar.  As he loves spiderman, it had to have a superhero theme.


  • Paper (standard printer paper is fine)
  • Double sided tape
  • Computer and colour printer
  • Advent calendar contents


I used powerpoint to make the templates, and downloaded a bunch of superhero graphics from the internet.  (Just google superman / batman/ spiderman etc).  I can’t share them here as they aren’t my images, but there are loads of free high quality images available. Thank you internet.

On each powerpoint slide, I made two rectangles.  Mine are 10cm high and 20cm wide, so that I will end up with 12cm square pouches.  On each rectangle I put a different superhero picture – which will be one side of the pouch, and a christmassy message and the number 1-25 on the other side.   Made ended up being quite small, and difficult to get your pressies inside so I would suggest a 12cm square may be better.

Slide2Cut them out to make the rectangles.
superhero advent Fold over to make squares.IMG_7663 Add double sided tape around 3 sides of one of the squares.
IMG_7665Remove the cover tape on two sides to make a pouch.
IMG_7666 Fill with your favourite treats and seal up the edges.IMG_7670One side has superhero pictures.  The other side the numbers and a christmassy message.IMG_7671 IMG_7672IMG_7674 IMG_7675

These are so easy to make with any theme of your choice.  Or if you don’t have a printer, you could decorate with crayons / wash / stickers etc.  What would you decorate yours with?


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  1. Nicholas STILL remembers your wonderfully thoughtful superhero advent calendar with great happiness, so it definitely did the job to help him settle after our move 😀 Anne xxx

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