Jam Jar Lanterns

Stylish Jam Jar Lanterns

Stylish Jam Jar Lanterns

Stylish Jam Jar LanternsHopefully you haven’t used up all your jam jars on my gold party glasses form last week….or maybe you are like me, and NEVER throw them away  (and sometimes even solicit extra supplies from friends)!

If so, you are in luck….another use coming your way….(drumroll)…….. in the form of these five minute, stylish jam jar lanterns.

Materials Required:

  • Jam Jars with labels removed
  • White greaseproof paper
  • String – I used gold embroidery thread  – but any ribbon, twine, or thread of string to match your theme would be fine
  • Tealights or short candles (battery operated or with a wick)

It took literally 10 minutes to make all of these jam jar lanterns for our Hogmanay (New Years Eve) party.

Cut a strip of white greaseproof paper approximately the size of the jar.

Secure with your choice of tie.

Pop a candle in the jar, and place liberally around your venue.

IMG_4947I had planned to line our pathway with Jam Jar lanterns for our New Years Eve party, but the weather was atrocious, and they kept blowing over.

Thank you nature.

Instead, I tucked them inside the overhang of our front door anyway.   I used a mix of battery and real tea lights  (giving off a slightly different colour of light), but both equally effective.
IMG_4948Slightly more stylish than just simple tea lights, and more easy to incorporate into your theme, especially for a wedding or similar.

IMG_4951My photography skills let me down somewhat with the dark night time shots.  They are far prettier than this photo makes them look.If I’m honest, I think I may have seen Mr PSGC visibly wince when he saw me find another excuse to hoard jam jars.

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