Washi tape craft ideas

Washi Tape Swizzle Sticks

Washi Tape Swizzle Sticks

Washi Tape Swizzle SticksI made these easy wash tape swizzle sticks for the kids at our New Years Eve party last week.  Each year we celebrate with five families and their kids – 10 adults and 14 kids for dinner.  The adults were in the dining room – the kids in the kitchen.

Why? enquired my oldest child as I was cutting and sticking (its like he doesn’t even know me).  Obviously  – its because I can…..and to add bit of sparkle to the kids table.

All you need is:

  • Skewers
  • Washi Tape in your favourite colours
  • Scissors

It took about 20-25 minutes to make 14 of these


Gold washi tape ideasCut strips of wash tape approximately 6 cm long.washi tape ideasFold over around the skewer, and cut a V in the tape to look like a flag.ideas for wash tapeRepeat with a few different colours.  I added black tape as well, so that I could add names and the year on the sticks.
things to amen with wash tapeJust add 14 children and a party!gold washi tape ideas
Why not check out instructions for how to make these gold jam jars as party glasses or vases.

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      You are welcome. Hope all is well in Udaipur. We hope to come back some day. If any of our friends visit, ill give them your number 🙂

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