DIY Taylor Swift Lyrics T-shirt

DIY Taylor Swift Lyrics T-shirt

DIY Taylor Swift Lyrics T-shirtThis DIY Taylor Swift Lyrics T-shirt is an incredibly easy and effective way of pimping up a simple white t-shirt.

Abbi and I have become obsessed with designing our own t-shirts.  It started a few years ago when we made t-shirts as party gifts for Abbi’s friends (a few of which Ive documented through the blog). We are old hat now, and churn them out like a South London sweat shop.

The plain t-shirts cost only a few pounds each, so a great cheap craft to get creative with.

Our DIY Taylor Swift Lyrics T-shirt is easy to make. And you can obviously choose any phrase, poem or song lyric of your choice, so no worries If you aren’t a Taylor Swift fan.  Another plus is that it require minimal artistic talent –  a bit of rough and ready adds to the charm.

Lyrics and Fonts

The first thing to do is select your lyrics.   Next choose a font that fits with the style of the words.  This font is Janda Stylish Script.  It’s quite girly and young, so perfect for this project.

taylor Swift Lyrics


Ensure the full script will fit on the front of your t-shirt.

Landscape A4 works as a decent guide for us to make sure your design doesn’t end up under your arm pits.  Even at 11, Abbi is a giant. If your child isn’t, adjust your print to fit.Taylor Swift Lyrics on a tshirt

Tape the paper inside the t-shirt, so that it doesn’t move around when you are writing.IMG_5102

You can see the text through the white t-shirt.  Obviously this technique would only work on a really light shirt.

Usually I would use puffy paint for a project like this.  We found this Trimits fabric paint at the craft store on special offer, and thought we would give it a whirl.


To be honest, I found it really difficult to work with.  It was a bit gloopy, as you can see below, and didn’t flow.  I needed to mark out the words with sharpie first (which I haven’t had to do in the past with puffy paint)
IMG_5107We persevered, and although not perfect I’m reasonably happy with the results.  We definitely nailed the  home made look!shake it up lyrics on a tshirt

The Finished Article

And here it is being modelled by Abbi.DIY Taylor Swift T-shirtCan you tell its freezing in London just now.IMG_0084 Despite the cold, Abbi taking her modelling role seriously. There may have been some bribery involved.

IMG_0091 Some of the time.IMG_0085Once you have completed the painting, leave for at least 8 hours to dry fully.  I ironed over the lyrics with a piece of parchment paper on a high heat to seal in the words.  The shirt can then be washed at 30-40 degrees depending upon the instructions on your paint.
You can tell Abbi is a bloggers daughter – here she is wearing the t-shirt snapping some pancakes she made herself.  Breakfast in bed for mum yaaayyy!
IMG_5249 copy And modelling a monster chocolate milk shake along with the shirt.  Tough life.Taylor Swift Lyric shirt and monster shakeFancy making your own?

What words would you put on your t-shirt? I would love to hear.

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