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Homemade FAB ice lollies

Homemade FAB ice lollies

Homemade fab ice lollies

Any child of the 70s and 80s will remember FAB iced lollies.  They are still available now, and a big hit with my daughter.  We have been meaning to make our own version of these for some time, and although Feb wouldn’t be the traditional time for making ice cream and lollies we were prompted by an instagram challenge group that we do (#fmsphotoaday) to post ice cream.

I am a slave to the prompts, so on a cold Saturday in Feb half term, that is just what we did.  Homemade FAB ice lollies!

According to wikipedia, FABs are strawberry on the bottom, and vanilla ice cream on top with a chocolate flavour coating on top and sprinkles.  Yeulch I was aware they were health organic food, but somehow chocolate flavour has done the trick in putting me off.

You will need a set of ice lolly moulds.  Widely available in supermarkets, kitchen shops and on line.  The quantities of ingredients will depend entirely on the size of your moulds.


For these 4, I used approximately:

  • 200g fat free strawberry yogurt.  (I love the Onken brand).
  • Approximately the same volume of diluted blackcurrant juice.  (I think around 200ml)
  • 80g of chocolate (split 50/50 white and milk).
  • Sprinkles of your choice


Layer the yogurt about half way up your ice pop mould, freeze for around 2 hours to set.  Pour in the fruit juice and return to the freezer.  We left ours around 4 hours and they were fine.  Ideally leave overnight.

homemade lollies

Take the ices out of their moulds.  Stopping to take an instagram pic if you are as obsessed as us.  It helps if you or your daughter are coordinating with the lolly moulds.

ice-pop recipes

Once they are all safely out of their moulds, return them to the freezer on a plate, and melt your chocolate.


I use the microwave on a low heat, but if you don’t have one, use a bain marie.  Be careful not to overheat the chocolate.  I let mine get around 85% melted, then remove and use the residual heat from the stuff thats melted to get rid of the last few lumps.  how to make ice-pops

It helps to have an extra pair of hands. This picture shows me dunking the lolly in the melted chocolate.  In reality, this just created a frozen solid of chocolate in the bowl.  Instead I had to drizzle the chocolate over the end of yogurt, as the chocolate started to solidify almost immediately on impact.  We didn’t manage to photograph this technique, but I’m sure you get the drift.

Homemade ice lolly recipesWorking fast, before the chocolate has solidified, pour the hundreds and thousands or sprinkles of your choice over the end of the lolly.  You can do the front and back separately for maximum stickage.Homemade FAB ice lolliesAnd there we are.  The final product. best ice lolly recipesThis was the shot I shot I used for the instagram prompt.

btw If you fancy playing along on instagram, just head over the prompts are given one a day at the start of the month – its open to anyone to join in.

The best ice-pop recipes Abbi likes to take her own shot for instagram.  
Homemade FAB ice lollies This is hers. How to make FAB ice lolliesThese were a huge hit, despite as you can see it being a horrid cold windy February day.  The yogurt rather than vanilla ice cream gave them a really nice contrast to the sweet blackcurrant juice.

We will be experimenting with combinations and flavours in the summer I’m sure.  What flavour would you like to see?

Homemade fab ice lollies

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