Easy canapés #2

Prawn and Guacamole Nibbles

Prawn and Guacamole Nibbles

Prawn and Guacamole Nibbles

Last week I shared my thai prawn soup New Years eve disaster.  Sadly these incidents are not rare in our house.  As a result, I have perfected a few throw them together nibble ideas to save the day.  These prawn and guacamole nibbles fit the bill perfectly. A canapé that can be made in 5 minutes and will have guests calling you ‘Nigella’.  And all from ingredients you will have in your store cupboard or fridge.


  • Wraps / flour tortillas – 1
  • Guacamole  (or avocado softened with lemon)
  • Cooked and peeled prawns (1 per canapé)
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Lemon wedge to serve

Take the wrap and use a cookie cutter to make uniform shapes.

It’s well known in Paint Sew Glue Chew Towers that I’m a sucker for heart shaped foods, so that was my obvious shape choice -but go crazy and use whatever shape you want.

A circular disc would be less camp and kitsch.  Obviously the cutter needs to be mouth sized  – but far be it for me to suggest the size of your mouth.

IMG_4965 Place the cut out wrap in a dry pan.

ToastIMG_4972Toast on each side over a low heat to crisp up.  You shouldn’t have to add any fat to the pan.

This stage can be done earlier in the day.
Easy nibbles


Spread a dollop of guacamole on each toasted heart.

I’ve used ready made guac, as I was all about the time saving.  A dollop of chopped avocado and lemon or home made guacamole would be nicer.prawn and guacamole quick dinner party nibbles Add a cooled and peeled prawn.  These are strictly speaking larger than ideal as they take over the heart shape….but they were all I had, as they were to have been added to my thai soup….

and 20 minutes before guests arrive…beggars can’t be choosers.  Easy prawn recipes Sprinkle with cayenne pepper….Easy prawn and guacamole canapésAnd serve with a wedge of lemon.  I like to squirt a little before I serve, and then allow guests to add more if they wish.
easy canapés #2And there we are.  5 minutes to a fancy dinner party worthy canapé.  Prawn and guacamole nibbles.
easy dinner party nibblesThese are such an easy canapé idea – fancy enough for a dinner party.  Or spoil yourself and make a plate to eat all for yourself in front of a Netflix binge.  I promise not to judge.
Heart shaped foods with prawn and guacamole

Heart Shaped

A quick canter trough amy of my food posts will highlight my love of heart shaped foods.

No I don’t understand it either, as I am literally the LEAST romantic person I know….but I do have a thing for little nibbly morsels of things.  If you are less jaded and miserable than me, these would make a great valentine canapé.

Prawn and Guacamole Nibbles

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      Hi Jenny – My local Tesco has a huge selection of gluten free products. Its such a common problem now. Im pretty sure I saw corn tortillas and brown rice tortillas!!

      As well as packets of gluten and wheat free – (there was a whole isle of products!). Thanks for your comments, and for stopping by xx

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      Really honestly its five mins….I did them again for a dinner party on friday night. Other than the hearts being toasted, its a dollop of guac and a prawn on top. They did gets lots of oooh and ahhhs from my guests….so of course I wasn’t gonna admit how quick and easy!

      Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment. xx

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know that prawn and guacamole can go well together. I will surely try this on the weekend, the heart shape design is perfect idea for the Valentine’s day 😉 Thanks!

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